The cold Canadian winters were Jamil Khan’s inspiration to reinvent the winter coat. After seeing nothing that integrated fashion forward looks with the latest technology, Jamil decided it was time to take a risk and create it himself. The former software engineer approached it with a startup methodology. He brought together a team of fashion experts in fabric & design. Together they embarked on lengthy research, trialled numerous prototypes and found unique solutions to unite fit, look and functionality.

Founded in 2015, North Aware launched the first winter coat with built-in gloves and scarf, hat, tech and glasses pocket, length extension, tracker and a removable liner. It became Canada’s most successful Kickstarter and has continued to grow rapidly. Though making news across the world, North Aware is still based in downtown Toronto.

Jamil’s vision has come to life in his collection and the team at North Aware are excited to continue moving forward. North Aware is expanding its outerwear range into a new evolution of the Smart Parka and the brand’s first wool coats.