With an eye for fashion and a passion that continues to burn bright, James Adeyanju knew he had to follow his heart when he created JMtrends. James, a Nigerian native relocated to Canada years back to be with his wife. 
James' passion for designing and entrepreneurship was influenced by his father, who was an industrialist designer in Nigeria that made ready to wear leather & rubber shoes for The Famad Company and Bata shoes. It was then in the 80's that James' love for detail began. Even though he always had a passion for design his parents had other plans for him, that's when James went on to study
Computer Information Systems. During this time James never lost his passion for designing but just didn't know where or how to start his fashion career.

Then in 2009 James met a London designer by the name of Emmy Collins London who took him under his wings, taught him the tools of the trade, and hired him as his Executive Personal Assistant. Emmy Collins, who originated from Nigeria, West Africa and is still one of the top African designers today, exposed James to the fashion world, from designing to branding, communications and even marketing.

Today James has created a brand in JMtrends that can rival other top name brands. Creating high end, top quality ready to wear suits, shirts, and accessories, as well as catering to clients who prefer a customized design. JMtrends gets their inspiration from different Fabrics, and patterns. JMtrends sources Fabrics from major suppliers from all over the world. The designs are timeless, JMtrends believes if we cant wear it, we wont sell it.  This is JMtrends first year at TOM* and they couldn't be more honored and humbled.