Is It Bad to Wash Your Face In The Shower? – An Undecided Debate

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The answer is No.  Washing your face in the shower has nothing to cause harm.  You might only fall into trouble if you commit some face-washing mistakes which are meant to be avoided.

One of the pieces of is it bad to wash your face in the shower article is about knowing those mistakes and rectifying them.  Another major piece of information you would receive is how to wash your face.  Lastly, does washing cause acne or other skin problems? Firstly, it only happens when you are not using premium face washes.

So, quickly get your towel ready because once you are done reading this article, you might want to take a shower and give that pamper to your face.

Common Face Washing Mistakes to Avoid

should i wash my face in the shower

Most men think there is no big deal in washing your face, but the truth be told, there is a lot to consider when washing your face.  Some common mistakes that must avoid are:

Washing Face With Hot Water or Under Steamy Shower

Most men think washing with too hot or too cold water is suitable for the face. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes most men commit. Using too hot water strips off natural oils produced by your skin, resulting in a damaged and dry facial skin barrier.  Such hot water is not ideal for rosacea, sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin.

Another hassle hot showers cause is they can burst delicate blood vessels and are not good for sensitive skin.  However, there is no evidence to support the claim, says a board-certified dermatologist. 

On the other hand, cold water, along with some benefits has a few key disadvantages.  Coldwater traps bacteria, debris, and dirt inside skin pores.  Plus, this water is also not good for acne-prone skin.

Considering all these troubles, the water temperature has been considered equally important.  That’s why the American Academy of Dermatology advises washing your face with lukewarm water.  The shower water should be medium warm water so that it exfoliates well and makes.

Not Using Cotton Pads

cotton pads

Some men use their fingers to wash their face, which fails to deep clean their face.  The bacteria under your fingernail get an easy path to land on your face.  Therefore, one must wash their hands before using them to wash their face.

Since fingernails come with a hassle, it is advisable to use cotton pads or a fresh washcloth to clean post-washing your face.  You do not reuse the same washcloth since it can transfer bacteria.

Overwashing Your Face

Washing your face can be tempting, especially when your skin overproduces sebum oil or you travel a lot under the sun and pollution.  Overwashing is not advisable since it depletes your natural oils, resulting in skin irritation.  Besides, it can even cause acne breakouts.

Washing the face twice a day is an ideal practice to follow, meaning you must wash your face once in the morning and at night.

Using Harsh Soaps

Just like cleansers, men even tend to use harsh soaps to remove dirt, sweat, debris, or gunk.  This would harm your skin since it even strips off sebum oils, which are essential for your skin.

Use of Alcohol-Based Facial Washes

Most men think using cleansers is the best way to get a clean and clear face.  Well, it is the best but when you use a gentle, hypoallergenic, and non-abrasive cleanser.  Plus, they should not be alcohol blend cleansers.

Plus, some men even think using microbeads-based cleansers is good.  They damage the visible layer of your facial skin.  With aggressive massage on your face, it can weaken, causing wide and large skin pores.

Therefore, dermatologists recommend using a facial cleanser matching your skin type.  For example,

Skin TypeFace Cleanser
Combination or Oily Skin
  • Anti-inflammatory cleanser
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Foaming Cleanser
Dry Skin
  • Hydrating Gel Cleanser
  • Creamy Cleansing Lotions

Since you know which face cleanser is ideal for which skin type, your next step should be knowing what’s your skin type.  But before that, read one last avoidable mistake so that you become well-prepared next time when you wash your face.

Not Using Facial Moisturizer

Only washing your face with gentle cleansers doesn’t suffice, it should be followed with the application of facial moisturizer.  Applying it post-washing your face hydrates your skin and retains moisture.

So these are some common mistakes to avoid during the cleansing routine to maintain skin health. 

We hope this piece of information has answered the much-anticipated question should I wash my face in the shower.  Now let’s know the right way to wash your face in the shower.

How to Wash Your Face in the Shower?

Washing your face in the shower offers a fruitful return only when you follow the correct skincare routine.

Things like pre-cleansing to remove makeup is essential.  Besides, using warm water and a gentle cleanser go hand in hand.  Lastly, no matter how hard you ensure to clean your face, all your efforts go in vain if you are not gentle while cleansing.  Being aggressive is not always the key to success.

This has been just a brief about how to take matters into your hand.  A detailed blog on face washing is already on the internet.  It even lets you know when to wash your face so that you do not overdo it.

Now that you know everything about facial washing mistakes and methods let’s also crack some myths that continue to pass on.

Busting Some Facial Washing Myths

  • Don’t wash your face in the shower is a myth, and one must wash it since the warm mist is great at exfoliation. Just make sure you do not use too hot or cold water for rinsing off.
  • Compulsorily washing your face in the morning and night is a myth. Firstly, it depends on skin type. Secondly, how long do you spend your day in the field, under the sun? Lastly, if at all you are exposed to pollution or not.
  • Tightness or redness are the signs of face wash products working well is a myth. Instead, when such problematic risks happen, one must stop using products.
  • Any ordinary soap and water suffice washing routine is a myth. Conventional soaps are for regular use. Your facial skin needs special treatments.
  • Scrubbing with a brush is another great way for exfoliation is a myth. Aggressive scrub use can overproduce natural oils, leading to clogging skin pores.
  • Not washing your face daily causes acne is a myth. Other factors also contribute to acne breakouts.
  • Keeping the washcloth away from your face is a myth. Do not reuse a washcloth.

So, these are some common myths related to face washing that one must overcome to get the best out of washing.  If you still have questions, just go ahead with the next section.


  1. Can you wash your face in the shower?

    Washing your face in the shower is fine unless you use a chemical-packed soap or a cleanser. Ordinary soaps or cleaners are meant to deplete natural oils and cause problematic conditions. Plus, they even contribute to dull skin complexion. Therefore, make sure you use a specific cleanser and rinse off your face timely.

  2. What is the best face wash for a shower?

    We consider Disco Charcoal face wash as an apple of our eye. It contains a natural formula with charcoal to deeply cleanse your facial skin. Unlike other thick cream-based cleansers, this one is stick-based, meaning just roll onto your face and gently massage. Once you are done massing, start rinsing off your face.

  3. Can you use shower face wash as a body wash?

    No, you can replace body wash with a shower face cleanser or vice versa. Both are separate products made to meet separate needs. Therefore, do not consider them as substitutes. What are the benefits of washing your face in the shower? A few of the noticeable benefits are saving time and water. Plus, washing your face in the shower also prepares your skin for the skin-care routine.

  4. Should you always use a facial cleanser?

    It is not mandatory to always use a facial cleanser. If you are in a hurry, you can wash your face with warm water and start your day. Make sure you end your day with a proper face washing routine that includes the use of a facial wash. It ensures the removal of dirt, debris, pollutants, and impurities.


Washing your face matters and not the place, meaning you either wash in the shower or post-shower; it doesn’t matter.  What matters is the right technique and some mistakes to avoid.  Doing so would improve skin conditions, ensure hydration, does the best exfoliation.

Everyday face washing would get rid of too oily skin and offer the best skin-care treatments.  A premium facial wash and lukewarm water are all you need to rinse off impurities.  Post-washing, an application of face moisturizer to retain moisture, is one of the crucial steps for healthy skin.  That’s how you would wash your face without worrying about anything wrong happening to your skin.


Published Date: Jan 31, 2024

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