How to Dispose of Razor Blades? 5 Ways To Dispose Blades

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Razor blades require only a single stroke to offer a clean and close shave, but when it fails even after multiple strokes, it’s a sign to replace them with new ones.  Here the question arises, what to do with those dull blades, which can still cause a hazard if it is loosely thrown away?

Also, throwing them loose can cause pollution since many contain plastic heads or bodies.  Besides, doing so will also put you into legal trouble since many countries have strict laws against this type of irregularity.

So, how to dispose of razor blades, and is there any way(s) to do it? Well, this article is for the ones like you who do not want to pollute their motherland, nor want to cause injury to yourself or others.  Of course, you also don’t want to get legally troubled by the laws.

So keep reading the article and know the best and the safest ways to dispose of them, and a few things you must refrain from doing.  We will also help you track the nearest blade disposal center or how to reach them.

Beforehand Preparations for Safety Razor Blades Disposal

Beforehand preparations mean you should do a few things primarily before disposing of the blades to avoid injury.

Wrapping It the Way It Came

recycle razor blades

It is the cost-free and the easiest way, where you just need to wrap up the used safety razor blades into the plastic paper in which they originally came.  Once the blades are covered, use duct tape, scotch tape, or masking tape to seal them off.

Buy A Blade Bank

razor blade banks

It is another way to store all your used blades systematically. Most brands like Feather make disposable containers that collect and store blades.  It features a thin cut on the top of the lid through which you can slide old blades into it.  It can collect more than 100 blades.  They are available online at a very budget-friendly rate.

Additionally, some safety razor brands’ packaging comes with a thin slot on its back.  You can simply slide the used blades into it.  Once the container is full, you can safely dispose of them.  You can also cover the mouth of the container with tape to avoid blades sliding out.  Do not insert other blades in this packaging.

Apart from this, you can also buy a sharps container.  The sharps containers are either metal or plastic which makes the disposal process easier.  The Rockwell Razors make sharps containers, and you can buy them from drug stores.  You can also use a sharps container for storing needles, thumb pins, and other injurious items.

Read more on how to properly dispose of used razor blades.

DIY Blade Bank

If you don’t want to own a blade bank, you can make one at home.  Yes, you read it right.  Instead of buying blade banks, you can make one at home, but it should have a child safety cap on it.

Also, you must check for the container to be puncture-proof material.  Besides, if the container has a wide mouth, it is good, and if the old container has a narrow mouth, you can snap the razor blade in half after wrapping it with toilet paper to avoid cuts.  Other container solutions are Soda Can, Soup Can, Shave Cream Tub, and Altoids Tin.

Tip: Do not use a glass container as it can easily break if thrown.

Label Covers

Before disposing of or throwing them in regular household trash, you must label them in capital letters stating SHARPS or USED BLADES with a permanent marker.  It will help those who pick up the trash or garbage bag to know that it contains sharp objects.

From the above discussion, you may have got a clear idea about what preparations you can do proactively-let’s have a look at a few ways to dispose of razor blades safely.

How to Dispose of Razor Blades? (5 Safe Methods for Blade Disposal)

razor blade disposal

Trash or Recycle

DE razor blades should be safely disposed of in the trash rather than recycled.  However, there are separate guidelines of the local and state bodies to ensure safety.

To know about your place, you can Google:

  • Sharps Disposal in (Your State or City) or
  • Razor Blade Disposal in (Your State or City)

Do you know around 2 Billion razors and refill blades are tossed out only from the USA?  It causes too much pollution since the heads or handles are plastic-made.

Note: You must get rid of old blades to avoid accidents.

Check Nearest Pharmacy

There is another solution if you don’t want to throw them in the trash.  Contact your nearest pharmacy or medical store as they must be having sharps disposal to store used needles.  Ask them if you can throw your razor blades or not. 

Visit Sharps Collection Drive

The third method is to check for the sharps or medical waste collection drives, which many municipalities hold regularly. 

Be a Part of Private Companies Recycling Program

Razor companies such as Gillette and BIC have joined hands with a private recycling company.

  • TerraCycle disposes of used razor blades.  And not only blades but also heads, handles, and plastic packaging.  Here is the link to find out the nearest drop-off location.  Moreover, the company can send you a box for which you will have to make payment, wherein you can safely dispose of blades.  The company recycle used razor blades rather than disposing of them.
  • Leaf Shave company along with razor disposal also makes safety razors for you.  Leaf shave makes sustainable metal razors with 100% metal.  Besides, they offer a metal recycling tin that is durable and holds a lot many razor blades. Recycling is also easy; just mail them when the metal container is full, and they will recycle blades for you.

Note: There are many areas where it is illegal to recycle razor blades, so it’s better to join such programs.

Razor Slots in Medicine Cabinet

Most apartments have a razor blade disposal in-wall or the medicine cabinet wherein you can drop your old blades. 

Tip: Remove blades using a magnet or broom and avoid using hands.  Also, wear safety gloves since the blades might be rusty. If you call a plumber for renovation, inform them about the razor slot in the wall to avoid accidents.

So these are the ways you can dispose of old blades safely without causing harm to yourself or others. Now let’s look at some mistakes that you must avoid when you dispose of razor blades.

What Should You Avoid When Disposing of Blades?

can disposable razors be recycled

We advise you to never toss away loose blades without covering them with paper or cardboard in the recycling bin or waste bucket. It can be disastrous to the ones who pass from that place or sanitation workers who collect waste.  Even shaving razor for men is biohazardous as they can spread disease if not packed properly.

So this was a guideline on how to dispose of safety razor blades.  Now let’s look at the disposal of other shaving tools.

Other Methods to Dispose Different Types of Razor Blades

Unlike safety razor blades, other razors cannot be recycled, and the sole reason is the fitting of them.  Here are a few razor blades that you must know whether they can be recycled or not.

how to remove blades from disposable razors

Straight Razor

Traditional straight razor blades aren’t disposable, and they are attached to a razor handle.  However, the current straight razor system is evolved and requires blade replacement after every use.  These blades are none other than the DE blades that can be recycled, just like the safety razor blades.

Disposable Razor

As the name says, these are used & throw razors with all the parts, including head, handle, blade.  They are undetachable, which is why the entire staff goes to the bin post-shaving.  However, the blade end remains sharp, which you must wrap with paper and tape.  Disposable razors aren’t eco-friendly as they are all made up of plastic.

Cartridge Razor

These are the most popular amongst men since the handle works with all the cartridges.  When the end of the blade deteriorates, it is necessary to throw the entire cartridge just the way you do it to disposable razors.  Cartridge razors are more budget-friendly than DE razors.

Now that you know how other razors can be disposed of- let’s answer some commonly asked questions.


1. Are razor heads recyclable?

Yes. However, razor heads are the most thrown items in the garbage bin, which contributes to those 2 Billion razors thrown every year and that too only from the USA.

2. How to get a razor blade out of a razor?

Removing blades out of the safety razors is easy; it is difficult when you want to remove them out of the disposable razors. The removal method involves fire, so please do it carefully. Use the flame of a lighter to melt the plastic part around the disposable razor blades by holding it for 10-15 seconds. Do not melt the plastic entirely to avoid dripping them on the blades.

3. How to break a razor?

Razors made of metal are hard to break, whereas the plastic ones are disposable, so no need to break them off.


We hope this blog has provided a clear idea of the pre-requisites of razor blade disposal.  Also, we have discussed how to dispose of razor blades and safety measures to prevent razor burn to not only you but also sanitation workers.  Besides, there are some tips to dispose of different shaving tools based on their blade system.

Lastly, we have also answered some commonly asked questions which might be helpful to you as well.  With this, we expect this article finds you well.  Share your location and the recycling program you chose to be part of to recycle razor blades.


Published Date: Jul 2, 2021

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