Home Remedies for Beard Growth – How To Grow Beard Naturally?

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Noticeable facial hair growth starts to show up once you are in your puberty phase, i.e., 13-18 years.  Post puberty the facial hair tends to become bushy, which not all men are blessed with, and there are few ones like you and me who struggle with:

  • Small patch
  • Sparse beard
  • Irregular beard pattern
  • Hair grows at a slower rate
  • Not growing thicker hair

These are all signs of low testosterone levels, frequent shaving, an unhealthy diet, and a lack of vitamins.  Now you might be thinking about how to boost testosterone levels, correct handleable things, and grow a beard faster.

Firstly, growing a beard requires a lot of patience, dedication, and a lifestyle change.  Also, you must know that the beard always grows slower.  Besides, all the claims that make you think beard growing is an overnight process are false.

Secondly, there are many things in your house that can make your proper beard-growing dream come true.  This means all that you see in cooking or used for cooking is equally efficient to grow a beard.  Most importantly, everything is easily available and affordable.

So let’s quickly know the home remedies for beard growth.

5 Home Remedies For Beard Growth (Quick Results)

how to grow a beard naturally

Growing a beard is a slower process and you need to be consistent in what you are doing.  And when you are opting for natural remedies, you need to have high patience.  But you know patience is bitter, however, its fruit is sweet.

Healthy & Balanced Diet

Vitamins, Proteins, Folic Acid, and Biotin are crucial minerals for beard hair growth.  And if you are skipping it, you must rethink it.

So here is what you must add to your well-balanced diet to stimulate beard growth.

VitaminsProteinBiotinFolic Acid
Brazil NutsFishAvocadosSpinach
ChickenChia SeedsEggs
OrangesSoy BeansMilk

In taking all these nutrients will not only stimulate hair follicles but also promote hair growth. Apart from this, vitamin D also plays an important role in promoting natural beard hair growth.  According to the study by Healthline, you must stay in the sun for at least half an hour since there is nothing better than sunlight to receive vitamin D.

Lastly, coffee, macadamia nuts, and gelatin are a few other foods that need your attention to promote beard growth.

Fermented Rice Water

According to medicalnewtoday.com, rice water is a magic elixir that contains ample vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth.  It is starchy water that is rich in:

  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • B Vitamins
  • Amino Acids

All of which contribute to hair follicle growth.  Besides, it even:

  • Strengthen hair strands
  • Adds shine
  • Makes beard smoother
  • Adds length
  • Easier to comb

So how will you make rice water?

The first method is soaking.  Just take 1 cup of rice and soak it in water for an hour.  Strain the off-white colour water into a clean bowl, you have your rice water ready for application.

The second is fermented rice water.  Here you must follow whatever you were doing in the previous method.  The only thing that changes is you must not strain it within an hour of soaking instead leave it aside for 24-48 hours.

Another way to get the fermented rice water is by cooking the rice.  Take double the amount of water than rice and cook it.  Strain the remaining water in a clean bowl.

How long will you keep it on your face?

The rice water should be applied to your facial, massage, and leave it up for 15-20 minutes.  After a while, rinse it off using warm water.

Avocado Oil or Mask

Hair growth is dependent on collagen production and Avocados are highly rich in vitamins A, D, and E which boost collagen.

Avocado oil or mask is what you could use for promoting facial hair growth.  It is easily available and affordable, too.

How to use/apply it?

  • Take an avocado
  • Mash it up
  • Massage for 15 minutes on your beard area
  • Rinse off using warm water

Facial Massage with Rosemary & Coconut Oil

Another one of the famous home remedies for facial hair growth is Coconut oil.  It is a versatile product from cooking to moisturizing and improving hair and skin health, there are wide uses of coconut oil.

Talking about coconut oil’s role in beard growth; it nourishes the top and bottom layer of your skin, ensuring the hair follicles get all the nutrients that are essential to promote hair growth.  Besides, it even relieves beard itch and helps your beard grow faster.

Another one is rosemary oil which boosts facial hair follicles by stimulating blood vessels and bringing in all the essential minerals.

How and what should you do with coconut oil?

Take 5-6 drops of coconut and rosemary oil to massage your facial hair area.  Do it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.  Continue doing this thrice a week, and do not skip discontinue.

Cinnamon & Lemon

Lemon is a source of vitamin C, citric acid, magnesium, and calcium.  All of them unite, increase collagen production, and boost hair growth.

On the other hand, cinnamon is known for its exfoliation benefits at physical and chemical levels.  The powder form of cinnamon is good at removing dead skin cells, dirt, and build-up.  Another benefit brought to the table is clean and clear skin.

So, how will you do it?

  • Take one tablespoon of ground cinnamon bark
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Mix both things and apply them to your facial hairy area
  • Apply it for 15 minutes
  • Rinse it off using tap water

If you are planning to try for the first, we would advise you to do a patch test first and then cover your face.

Amla Oil Massage

Amla, aka known as dry gooseberry, is one of the home remedies for a patchy beard that not only promotes hair growth but also prevents hair loss.

Along with amla oil, you can even add mustard leaves since it is highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  It makes a healthier and thicker beard hair.

How will you do it?

  • Blend amla oil and mustard leaves
  • Apply the paste on your beard hairs
  • Keep it for half an hour
  • Rinse off using cold water

So these are the facial hair growth home remedies.  Now that you know what you can do to grow your beard, let us also share some right beard growth tips.

Tips to Make Beard Growth Remedies Effective

facial hair growth home remedies

Keep an Eye on Ingrown Hairs, Blackheads, and Whiteheads

Such skin issues will not only slow down the natural beard growth rate but also cause pain.  Thus, it’s important to look out for such hassles and rule them out before they become a pain in your ass.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is injurious to health and you are aware of it.  But do you know it even has an impact on your beard health?

According to Lloyds Pharmacy, smoking reduces blood flow, which reduces oxygen and nutrients supply to hair follicles.  Eventually, you will experience hair loss, brittle hair, and early greying.  So stick to a healthy lifestyle and make your beard growing dream come true.

Wash Your Face Twice A Day

Washing your face twice a day gets rid of external pollutants and offers an environment that a beard requires to thrive.  A gentle face wash followed by a moisturizer is all you need for clean skin.  Once you are habituated to this regimen, you can even add an exfoliator to stimulate blood circulation, leading to a healthy beard.

Take 8 hours of Sleep

Sleeping is one of the factors related to healthy hair growth.  Adequate rest decreases stress, which makes the beard grow at a faster rate.  That’s the reason, you must take care of at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Do Not Stress

Stress is not only bad for your health but also for your beard lifestyle.  A high stress level increases cortisol production in your body, which clashes with your hormones, hampering your beard growth.  Another disadvantage is it even slows down the flow of essential vitamins and minerals for beard hair growth.  So it is advisable to meditate or do yoga for 15-20 minutes a day to keep your mind and body relaxed.

This is how you can make your remedies effective. If you are African-American, the beard care tips may vary. To know more about it, you can go through the beard care tips for black men.  If you still have any questions related to beard hair growth or the time it takes to grow, you can go through our next section.


1. How To Grow A Beard Naturally?

For growing a beard, you need to regularly exfoliate your skin, moisturise, stop trimming, keep an eye on ingrown hairs, and reduce stress. There are many hair growing remedies that improve blood circulation and make a good looking beard.

2. How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard?

It takes around 2-4 months depending on your genetics and testosterone levels. A facial hair tends to grow 0.55mm every single day, which sums upto one or one and half inch per month.


Home remedies aren’t harmful and free from side effects.  Plus, they are effective and deliver results.  All it requires is strictly following the process and having patience, irrespective of early beard itching experience.  Along with opting for home remedies, you must also be strict with the tips mentioned in the article.  That’s all essential for making the beard growth process real.


Published Date: Feb 22, 2024

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