List of 5 Best Heating Shaving Cream Dispenser: Professional’s Choice

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What are the three most crucial factors for achieving a comfortable shave?

  • Open skin pores
  • Softer hair follicles
  • Warm lather

Opening up skin pores is simple and straightforward; wash your face with warm water, and it’s done.  Besides, it even helps in softening hair follicles.  What matters is warming up the lather.  And it is done by two methods: one is swirling the shaving cream in a ceramic (retains heat) shaving bowl with the help of a shaving brush, and the other way is by using shave cream heaters.

We recommend both methods; however, the traditional method (shaving bowl) is time-consuming.  Another method requires you to add a heating shaving cream dispenser at your home, which many professional barbers and hairstylists have also added to their salon.

In a hurry? You can count on these two products:

They are time-efficient and generate a sufficient hot lather that softens hair follicles and makes your razor effortlessly glide on the skin to deliver a comfortable shave.  Besides, there are other benefits as well, which we will discuss in the product description.  Moreover, we will make you familiar with specifications and detailed reviews of the best hot lather machines.

Lastly, we will discuss the factors that helped us in sorting out the listed shave cream warmers.  Since these are electric tools, we will also teach you how to use and maintain them.

So don’t go anywhere and keep reading the article because the next few minutes will let you know how easy it is to create a warm lather than the traditional method.

Best Heating Shaving Cream Dispenser (Quick Comparison)

Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

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Common Professional Hot Lather Machine

Common Professional Hot Lather Machine

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Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

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Wahl Hot Lather Machine

Wahl Hot Lather Machine

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BaByliss Pro Barberlogy LatherFX

BaByliss Pro Barberlogy LatherFX

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Conair Gel and Lather Heating System

Conair Gel and Lather Heating System
  • Hot gel and lather provides a smooth, close and comfortable shave
  • Variable temperature control preserves consistency of gel
  • Ready indicator light
  • 120V plug-in operation

Conair is one of the senior-most grooming product companies on the list.  The company was founded in 1959 and believes in coping up with the trend.  Back in the formative days, the company introduced a pistol-grip hair-dryer, which received amazing responses.  After which, the manufacturer introduced multiple beauty and grooming products.

One such grooming tool that caught our attention is this Conair gel and lather heating system.  The mind-blowing features and affordable price are the two things that separate Conair warmer from others on the list.

  • Variable Temperature Control

Conair gel and lather features a variable temperature control system that works at 120V and warms the lather of your shaving cream or gel.  It also preserves the consistency of gel or cream.  The hot gel and lather are essential to achieve a close and comfortable shave.  Also, it won’t overheat your shaving gel or cream.

*Massachusetts people can’t use the brush and shaving soap and must use a pre-made lather.

  • Handy Indicator

Conair hot lather machine features a ready indicator light (when turned off), indicating that the machine is ready to dispense off the cream.  It takes 5-minutes to heat up, which means just turning it on before jumping into the shower and hot lather is ready when you are dried off.

  • Lightweight & Travel-friendly

The travel-friendly and lightweight are other features that set this hot lather machine apart from other shaving cream warmers on the list.  It requires a little space on your bathroom shelf.  Since the lather machine is corded, you need to place it near the plug-point.

The downside of the Conair lather machine is it does not fit all gel cans, which means you need to check the size of the cream can before buying.  However, it is not suggestible for barbershops.  Lastly, Conair offers a 1-year warranty, which gives a sense of satisfaction to users.

  • Quickly heats shave cream
  • Preserve gel’s consistency
  • Available in two colors
  • Indicator light
  • 1-year warranty
  • Compact & easy to use
  • Irritation-free & Close shave
  • Poor-quality locking mechanism
  • Not ideal for barbershops
  • Difficult to learn temperature controls


In our opinion, it is one of the inexpensive heated shaving cream dispensers on the list.  Plus, it offers a barber-shop like shaving experience at home, which is something unique and advantageous.  Also, it is best for dry and coarse beard since the warm cream will soften your hair follicles.

Common Professional Hot Lather Machine

Common Professional Hot Lather Machine
  • Brand: Commonwealth
  • Item Weight: 8 Ounces
  • Skin Type: All

Another shave cream warmer by Commonwealth has popularity like Conair and works better than many industrial dispensers.  The features this warmer contains are:

  • Temperature Control

Unlike the Conair shaving cream warmer, this hot lather dispenser doesn’t have numeric temperature settings.  Instead, it has on, medium, and high settings.  Also, the heated shaving cream dispenser takes 30-minutes to heat your liquid concentrate.  Initially, it will cause some hassle in setting the temperature, but once you know the right temperature setting that suits you, there won’t be any problem.

  • Pump-top Design

The pump-top design feature is incredible as the cream remains untouched and requires only one hand to operate.  However, this dispenser will only take liquid solutions, which means you cannot warm canned creams.  Therefore, it will have only a limited customer range, unlike Conair.

  • Attachments

The attachments catch attention since they will make the application process and long-run ownership costs affordable.  The shaving cream dispenser comes with a badger hair shaving brush that lets you create a quick and luxurious lather.  Also, the brush bristles will lift the flat-lying hair, allowing you to achieve a clean and close shave.

Besides, the company also offers 8-fluid ounce shave cream to kick start the shaving journey.  Lastly, the company offers a one-year warranty, which is a cherry on the cake.

  • Pump-top dispense
  • No leakage or spillage
  • Badger hair brush and shave cream
  • Quite expensive
  • Not travel-friendly
  • More heating time
  • Badger hair may fall apart
  • Works only with liquid solutions


In our opinion, if you are looking for a professional hot lather shaving cream dispenser, this one’s for you.

Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine
  • Professional barber electric hot soap machine to create a thick, aerated, super wet lather for professional results (Long lasting DC Motor)
  • 1 X RUBBER PAD for non-slip safety surface to rest machine on

Lather time professional is one of the lather machines that works amazingly well.  Also, most barbers and professional hairdressers love using it.  What makes it professional-friendly, and why do barbers love it?  Let’s uncover it:

  • Footprint Size

The shave cream warmer looks compact but reserves too much space on your bathroom countertop.  In our opinion, it is best suitable for the male-dominated family or barbershops, who can use it frequently.

  • Temperature Settings

The shaving cream warmer features a 120V DC motor that lasts long and works amazingly well.  It takes 10-15 minutes to heat up the liquid shaving cream, which is half the lather time of a Common professional hot lather machine.  It generates a rich and luxurious lather that glides razor effortlessly without tugging or pulling facial hair.  The lather heating system does not produce unnecessary noise like other lather warmer systems.

  • Attachments

The hot shaving cream dispenser features an extra-large soap cup that makes sure you have a whole-day supply.  Also, it comes with a rubber mat that allows you to place the machine on it.  Moreover, the company also offers a cleaning brush and an 8-fluid ounce bottle of shaving cream.

If you are a sensitive skin guy and want a razor to glide effortlessly without causing irritation and razor burn, you can count on this warming device.

  • Ideal for barbershops
  • Durable DC motor
  • Anti-slip rubber mat
  • Extra-large soap cup suffices entire day supply
  • Not ideal for traditional and canned shaving creams
  • Some customers report leaking problems
  • Not travel-friendly product


In our opinion, this professional hot lather machine is suitable for barbershops.  Besides, sensitive skin guys will love this machine since it delivers a hot lather shave.

Wahl Hot Lather Machine

Wahl Hot Lather Machine
  • Designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand
  • Requires simple cleaning with soap and water
  • Comes with an internal liquid pump and bottle

Wahl is a grooming products company that is supported and loved by professionals across the globe.  Their products are mind-blowing and deliver outstanding results.  It is one of the reasons for including Wahl’s product in all of our product review lists.

One such product that we feel proud to recommend is Wahl Hot Lather Machine.  The features of the Wahl hot shaving cream machine are:

  • Liquid Bottle and Pump

The lathering machine comes with a liquid bottle and a pump that sits inside the device.  It makes heating the shaving cream easier. However, you can use only liquid shaving cream.  The operation is easy and straightforward; it works like any other shampoo bottle, cream, or gel.  Wahl offers a 12-fluid ounce shave cream bottle with a heating device.

  • Blue Light Indicator

The heated lather machine comes with a blue light indicator that lets you know when the machine is ready to dispense off the shaving cream.  However, it takes 50-minutes of heating time, which is comparatively higher than other shave cream dispensers.  You must turn on the machine in advance before jumping into the hot shower.  It does not overheat rather produces a warmer lather that delivers a cleaner and closer shave.

The electric shaving cream heating machine comes with an instruction manual to let you know how to use and achieve an enjoyable shaving experience.  However, the high price may restrict it to non-professional use.

  • Small blue light
  • Easy to use
  • Mess-free cleaning
  • Leak-free bottle
  • More heating time
  • Does not warm shave cream
  • Two-handed operation
  • Quite pricey


We highly recommend professionals to use this since you can quickly get a return on your investment.  Individuals should look for other options on the list.

BaByliss Pro Barberlogy LatherFX

BaByliss Pro Barberlogy LatherFX
  • Instantly heats & fits any universal shaving can
  • Interchangeable nozzles for gel or lather
  • Variable temperature control
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Lather bowl included

BaBylissPRO manufactures high-performing and quality professional tools, which even hairstylists, barbers, and individuals love to use.  BaBylissPro products last long and add value to your investment.

LatherFX lets you achieve a good and cleaner shave by producing a luxurious lather. What else it does is:

  • Universal Cans Fitting

Unlike Conair, this hot machine fits any shaving cream, foam, and gel canister.  It makes it a versatile product on the list.  Also, you don’t need to spend money on selected canisters.  Besides, it heats up in no time, which means you don’t need to wait for the device to heat your shave cream or gel.

  • Interchangeable Gel Nozzle

The gel and lather heating machine come with two nozzles, out of which one dispenses the warm shaving cream, and the other dispenses shaving gel.

  • Variable Temperature Control

The hot lather machine allows you to set the temperature to get the warm lather as much as you want.  

  • Automatic Turn-off

The automatic turn-off is a great feature, which not only prevents overheating but also saves power.  Isn’t it amazing?

  • Attachments

The company provides a shaving bowl within which you can build a lather.  However, pouring can bring down the shaving cream to the body temperature, which may disappoint you.  Using hands to apply the hot lather on the face is advisable.

The shaving cream dispenser is lightweight, which is travel-friendly, and fits anywhere on your bathroom countertop.

  • Instantly heats up
  • Universal can fittings
  • Warms shaving gels, creams, and foams
  • Delivers a good shave
  • Not good shaving bowl


If you are finding a versatile heating lather system that not only works with all shaving gels, creams, and foams but also fits all cans, the BaBylissPRO shaving cream dispenser is worth every penny.

Since the market is flooded with heated shaving cream dispensers, it becomes daunting to select one.   We hope you check the five best shaving cream warmers reviewed.  Now let’s see how we were able to sort out these heated shaving cream warmers.

Factors to Consider Before Buying (Buying Guide)

shave cream dispensers

Here are some questions, which will help you find the best shaving cream warmer for yourself.  So keep reading the article.

Should You Use Shaving Cream or Gel?

It is unsure that all heated shaving cream dispensers work with both gel and cream, and it depends on personal preference to either use cream or gel.  Before buying a heated cream dispenser, you must know which one works with what shaving product.  Or you must buy a versatile shaving cream dispenser like BaBylissPRO.

How Much Time Should It Take to Heal?

Just like the shaving product preference, heating also depends on personal preference. If you would like to wait or start heating as soon as you open your barbershop, Wahl is best for you.  Contrary to this, if you are running out of time, BaByliss PRO offers instant warm lather.

Does Variable Temperature Have Something to Do?

Since the entire thing revolves around hot lather, it is important to consider temperature settings.  Also, if you are a barber, you will encounter multiple preferences wherein temperature settings will be boon for you.  No matter which area you live in, the temperature settings will allow you to adjust accordingly.  All the lather warmers on the list have temperature settings.

What Should Be the Ideal Size of a Shaving Cream Warmer?

Another point of consideration is the size of the shaving cream warmer.  Choose the one that fits either your bathroom countertop or barbershops.  In our opinion, barbershops should go ahead with Lather Time Professional warmer as they would be having multiple plug points and a wide countertop.  Besides, individuals can buy Conair or BaBylissPRO cream warmer.

What Should Be the Price Range?

It is one of the factors that depend on personal preferences and willingness to pay.  Some lather warmers cost around $30-40, while some have prices around $150+.  However, your selection should be more dependent on other listed factors and your personal requirements.

What Convenience Should You Expect?

Heating time, refilling, and versatility are a few things you must consider when buying a heated shaving foam dispenser.  Ideally, the one that quickly heats up and is compatible with all the shaving cans is in demand.

From the above discussion, you must have got sufficient information about heated shaving cream warmers.  Now let’s know the process of using it.

How to Use Shaving Cream Warmer Dispenser?

Lather warming devices are easy to use.  All the devices come with a tool that helps to remove the top off the shaving cream, gel, or foam cans.  After popping up, follow three  simple steps:

  • Place the can into the warmer once you pop the can top off
  • Once you place the can, close the lid.  Set your desired temperature settings
  • Your shaving cream, gel, or foam will be ready in the stated time*

*The time may vary; some lather warmers may instantly heat up, while some may take around 45-50 minutes.

These warmers come with an indicator of either sound or light.  All the warmers on the list have a blinking light on the top.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use a heated lather warmer:

You might have seen a few lather warmers coming with cleaning accessories that maintain cream dispensers.  Let’s know how to do it.

How to Maintain Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser?

Since you will be using shaving gel, cream, or foam, it is important to clean them regularly.  It not only saves your investment but also prolongs the shelf life of the warming device.  Undeniably, with regular use, there is going to get some build-up inside the can and nozzle.

Besides, professionals may need them for the whole day, which can even burn out.  It is advisable to turn off the heating device before the day’s end.  Always turn them on whenever required.

You can also try running soap water to clean the inner chamber.  You can also get soap scum inside the chamber,  which you can clean with a paper towel and allow it to dry.  You can use a cleaning brush to clean the entire device.

You can fill the device with warm water and dispense the water from the gel nozzle since it contains more buildup.  Always remember, you should not dunk the device underwater.

So this is how you can maintain your lather heating device and prolong its life.  Let’s answer some commonly asked questions.


1. Does heated shaving cream work?

Yes, it works amazingly well, especially when it comes to softening hair follicles and preparing the skin. Also, it easily glides the razor on the skin and delivers an enjoyable shaving experience.

2. What is the best shaving cream warmer?

In our opinion, BabylissPRO is the best shaving cream warmer. It instantly heats up and fits any shaving cream cans.


You have seen how different heated shaving cream dispensers work either at home or in professional use and what factors are essential to choosing the best one for yourself.  Also, we have discussed how to use these machines to warm lather.  Besides, we have touched upon points to take good care of it. If you do not want to spend money on shaving cream or dispensers, we have a budget-friendly solution for you. You can check shaving cream alternatives.

With this, we end this article and hope it finds you well.  You can share your favorite heated cream dispensers and where you will be using them, meaning for home or professional use.  Share your good practices so that they can be helpful to others as well.


Published Date: Jul 16, 2021

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