There’s no such thing as an overnight success. It takes all nighters, failed attempts and the art of hustling to get to where you want to be. For Toronto’s Jebril “Fresh” Jalloh, his proudest wins have only come after he finally made it through his toughest obstacles. The Entrepreneur and Founder of Get Fresh Company, had every reason not to pursue his dream of owning a business – single parent household, rough upbringing, high school dropout – but to achieve the impossible, you have to see it first. Jebril’s vision came to him at the age of 16 while he was hanging out with friends. He proclaimed: I want to own a store called Get Fresh and it will be the freshest store in Toronto. They laughed then, but nothing was funny when in August 2013, he opened the doors of Get Fresh Company (GFC) in a location that Vogue named the second-hippest district in the world - Toronto’s "West Queen West" area. 

Today, the man that sees himself as more of a purveyor of style than as a fashion designer, has already racked up an impressive list of collaborations through Get Fresh Company: meet & greets with ASAP Mob, Kendrick Lamar’s first visit to Canada, Mitchell & Ness, an NBA Pop Up shop for the 2016 All Star Games and designing Raptors gear to be sold at the Air Canada Centre. GFC also has a great partnership with liquor brand Remy Martin and has currently teamed up with Puma to create a Get Fresh Company sneaker. 

Knowing that it only takes one opportunity to change the course of many lives, Jebril’s bigger vision is to do something about the community he lives in. The business savvy entrepreneur wants to pay it forward by providing jobs and mentorship to youth who have dreams of being introduced to a bigger world through their art and creativity. His story is a testament to them that when you dream for more than your current circumstance, keep hustling and never give up, unbelievable things can happen.