What is Dry Skin Under Beard and How To Prevent It?

by Jeel Patel

Nothing irritates men more than dry skin under the beard.  The irritated skin under the beard can cause major problems as it makes you feel uncomfortable and leads to beard dandruff.  But don’t worry, we have got you covered on your worries about how to deal with dry skin under the beard and how to deal with dandruff on your face.  It just takes a few simple steps and a little use of beard care products to prevent beard itch and protect the skin under your beard. So, how to cure dry skin under beard and mustache?

What Causes An Itchy Beard? Why is Your Skin Dry?

what causes itchy beard

In order to cure a problem, you need to understand what is the core of the problem.  You need to understand what the beard and the skin type under the beard are going through on a daily basis which leads to such problems.  There are little glands called sebaceous glands that keep your skin and follicles moisturized.  They are the most important thing to look after here as they are the base of the beard and without them, the beard would be really uncomfortable to deal with as it would be hollow like a straw and susceptible to split ends.  

These glands are known to excrete an oil called sebum oil which helps in keeping the beard and skin hydrated.  If proper moisture is not available the beard would flake and the skin will become really dry. Skin flakes would be visible.  As our beard area grows, it is not that itchy for the first couple of weeks and it actually feels kinds of soft and smooth.  This is because the sebaceous glands produce a good amount of oil to keep the beard nourished.

There is no need to use any additional beard products to keep the beard hydrated at an early stage as the sebaceous glands are able to produce enough oil.

But the problem starts occurring when the beard grows a bit long.  It is because the sebaceous glands are of finite size.

This means that as the hair gets longer, the natural oils generated won’t be enough to keep it moisturized and the skin would begin to dry up.  There is nothing to worry about here as this is a natural part of beard growth.  Though there are other factors that can affect the speed of this process and cause the sebaceous gland to stress out.

Why Avoid Using Detergents On Your Beard?

detergents on beard

Here, detergents mean the soap and shampoo that you use on your beard.  Some men use regular soaps and shampoos on their beards which are loaded with chemicals and heavy detergents that are meant for your hair and not the beard.  Plus, it is not necessary to use shampoo every day.  While guys do get tempted to use their shampoo on their beard, it is best that you try and avoid it as it will strip your beard from all the important vitamins and minerals that get produced naturally.

And of course, there is an alternative available in the form of beard shampoos and beard conditioners which help keep the beard hydrated and moisturized.  The beard moisturizer (which is the best thing for dry skin under the beard) can help prevent beard dandruff on the beard and there is beard dandruff shampoo available for the specific problem as well. Beard grooming products that contain oleic acid and other fatty acids might be helpful as well! These products moisturize the skin under the beard.

What makes this shampoo different from hair shampoo is that it is made using natural ingredients and other ingredients that are suitable for facial skin.  They avoid harsh detergents which can cause harm to the skin cells and lead to dead skin cells.  The beard shampoo contains ingredients like coconut oil and other essential oils such as Argon and Castor seed oil which help get rid of the dust and other contaminants.  Also, make sure to wash your face but not with steaming hot water as it can harm the skin beneath. Washing your beard with lukewarm water is the best option.

So if you use regular shampoos, soaps, and have questions like ‘why does my beard itch?’, here is your answer.  The beard needs natural ingredients and natural oils to grow properly and prevent problems such as dandruff in the beard. Regular trimming using a beard trimmer can also prevent itching.

Choosing The Best Products To Prevent Dry Skin Under Beard

Beard shampoo and beard conditioner are important but there are other products for rough skin under the beard as well which help the beard stay hydrated and nourished all day.  The beard oil for dry red flaky skin under beard like sebum oils, beard balms, and beard creams also acts to improve skin condition as all these products mostly contain the same ingredients.  The ingredients are so easily available that guys often make their beard oil recipe at home as it can save a few bucks and the same goes for making beard balms recipe as well.

best products to avoid itching

When you buy your favorite beard oil for dry skin, make sure to check the ingredients it contains which will mostly be essential oils and natural ingredients.  The beard oil contains carrier oils which are reasonable for 95% of the solution.  The most commonly used oils by manufacturers are Argan, Jojoba, coconut oil, and almond oils.

These oils are mild and effective in curing the dry skin underneath your hair.  It will help keep the skin under your beard safe and prevent beard dandruff.  If you just apply a slop of some Jojoba oil on the face, it is still going to help skin under the beard.  The essential oils have numerous benefits and there are a lot of essential oils available in the market.  But if you want to talk about the ones best for beard oil, they are cedarwood, pinewood, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil.  Their aroma is so woodsy and men love to apply it and feel refreshed.

There are beard oils available in different scents such as lavender, citrus, and others but it comes down to personal choice.  And considering the additional benefits of essential oils, they are more of a natural antiseptic which helps reduce acne due to skin irritation.  Also, you will find that the beard oils have Vitamin E as it is great for hair and skin.

The beard balms on the other end are typically made of shea or cocoa butter which act as a conditioning agent.  They provide an extra layer of moisture on the skin just like the lotions provide.  The wax in the balm does provide you with a beard hold and you can style your beard better with it.  There are beard and mustache wax available and sold separately as well.

But when it is about preventing the skin from getting dry under your beard, beeswax is a great option as it protects your skin and locks in the moisture.  This means that the beard balms are the perfect solution for dry skin and irritated skin under beard problems. Beard balms also keep your beard together, allowing you to shape it any way you want. This will also make it look good!


1. How to stop beard itch?

The skin underneath your beard can be stopped and the beard protected using the right conditioner, oil, and balm.  This helps keep the skin cells safe, removes dead skin and dead skin cells, and overall protects skin under the beard.  The face skin is quite sensitive and it requires proper maintenance to keep healthy and the facial hair is the same.  The irritated skin under the beard can be cured once you learn how to stop dandruff from occurring and prevent dry skin. Don’t wash your beard often, wash your beard when required and as required in order to stop the itch.  Use the right products to keep it moisturized.

2. Why does the beard itch when growing?

The natural oils that are products by the sebaceous glands are not enough to support the growth of a long beard.  The glands have a finite size which does not allow them to produce the oil in excess.  This means that naturally, your beard is safe in short and stubble form.  If you want a longer beard, you need to use the growth and maintenance products available.

3. Which products are best to prevent facial hair itch?

The best products to prevent skin irritation and itching from happening due to facial hair are beard oil, balm, beard wax, beard cream, and beard shampoos and conditions.  They protect the skin under your beard and help the skin underneath to get the nutrients it requires to grow perfectly without causing any problems such as dry skin or split hair.  Make sure, you use the products on face and hair when you plan to grow your beard as it won’t let the skin dry.


So these were the reasons why men have dry skin beard and skin irritation while growing a beard and the solutions that can help prevent it.  As you have read, there are some factors to take into consideration and ingredients to look out for when selecting the beard moisturizer.  They can protect hair follicles and prevent skin dryness.  It shows that using regular shampoo and bar soap can harm the skin and beard hair in a major way.  It also shows that using products specifically made for certain things is better than using regular ones.

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