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A lot can be made out of how a man wears his beard.  Those who have a thick and long beard ooze out confidence, personality, and feel of awe around them.  There are people who want to achieve such looks and try everything possible to achieve it but still end up with patchy beard or slow growth.  It is important for people to understand that you need to work on the problem after obtaining the right information instead of going for options available without knowing how it will affect the beard.  It can be one of the various problems that the beard is growing slowly or in a patchy way.  It depends on your genes, diet, grooming routine, and daily life choices.

To get a healthy beard and to maintain it, you need to know exactly how beard growth products work and what vitamins it needs to contain for it to help you.  In this blog, we are going to discuss it in detail.

Vitamins Required to Grow and Maintain a Beard

The first and most important thing you need to understand is that vitamins are not magical elixirs which will fill your patches or increase the beard growth in the blink of an eye.  There are no such products and if someone claims it to be, they are probably lying.  But these vitamin beard supplements do work overtime.  The specific nutrients added to the products help increase the natural ability of the body to produce facial hair, but it takes some time and you have to follow the process for the given period of time.


If you ever wondered ‘what stimulates beard growth?’, vitamins and minerals along with all the natural ingredients included in the products are what help grow a beard.  The beard growth vitamins are a blend of multivitamins and minerals which help strengthen the hair follicles and also cure the nutritional deficiencies a person might have.  Most of the beard growth vitamins found in supplements promote hair and nail growth and improve the skin as well.  The growth products can also halt the ageing process of your hair, remove and avoid beard dandruff, and also prevent pores from getting clogged.

Using supplements can cause problems as well if your body doesn’t react to it properly.  There are certain side-effects of using supplements that are not natural such as acne, breakouts, constipation, upset stomach, diarrhea, etc.

The top products usually contain biotin which helps stimulate facial hair growth and improves beard quality.  If it is an all-organic product, it will take the long route which is safer and provide supplements to the whole body which would result in beard growth.  Here are some of the top vitamins and minerals that help stimulate beard growth.

      • Copper – It helps produce red blood cells which helps strengthen the body tissue.
      • Horsetail extract – It is known to help keep the beard hair and fingernails in good condition and is also effective in fighting baldness.
      • Inositol – It helps in breaking down body fat and improves metabolism.
      • HCI – It helps soften the hair and makes it look full.
      • MSM – It is known to enhance collagen and helps in restoring the skin foundation.
      • Other basic vitamins such as vitamins A, B, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E also help keep the body, scalp, and hair nourished.
      • Para-aminobenzoic acid- It helps in maintaining the natural colour of the hair while you age.
      • Thallus – It helps in the growth of and stopping of thyroid goitres which get formed under Adam’s apple.

So these are the things that you need to know about beard supplements.  It will help you understand what to look for in products and know exactly how it is helpful in stimulating your beard growth.  So make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle to ensure that they can work to their full potential.

Types of Supplements Available

The beard growth products come in 4 types

Types of Supplements

There are various brands that create some of the best products for people to use which can stimulate their beard growth and help maintain it as well.  The products are available in two forms organic/natural or medically made.  The ones made using organic ingredients are safe to use as it won’t cause any side-effects to people.  The medically made ones can cause side-effects to people if their skin doesn’t react to it.  You should consult a doctor before choosing medically made products or at least give it a try on your forearm to know whether it causes any irritation or not.

The beard growth products are an industry of its own with numerous top-class brands with premium products to offer and some of the products are even medically proven.

Do Beard Growth Supplements Work?

To answer this question in simple words, ‘Yes’, it does work.  But it depends largely on the person’s requirement and not on just taking any supplement available to you.  Each beard problem has a different solution that needs to be followed to deal with it.  Here are some of the beard supplements and the problems that they are best at solving.

Beard oils

Beard oils promote facial hair growth and keep it soft.  It keeps the beard nourished and hydrated so that it can grow better.  The beard oils are made from some of the best essential oils such as Argan oil.

Beard creams and balms

The creams and balms are used by people with long beards to prevent itching and keep the beard in style.  They also help make the beard look thicker and grow better.

Shampoo and conditioner

The beard shampoos and conditioners are used to wash the beard to remove dirt and oil from it.  It will help guys feel fresh and allow the beard to breathe which would result in growth.


Pills are best when you have some sort of genetic problem that results in slow or patchy beard growth.  It is best that you consult a doctor before taking pills.

Also, all these products include ingredients that are required to take care of and improve the facial hair growth process.  It takes a couple of months for the products to show results.  If you choose any of these supplements for the types of problems mentioned above, you will surely get positive results in a couple of months.  The best products even come with a money-back guarantee as they are sure about the quality of the product.

Buyer’s Guide


Choose the right supplement

You need to choose the right supplement for your beard according to the problem that you are facing.  If you have a frizzy beard, you can go for beard shampoo or oil.  If you want to deal with a patchy beard and stimulate growth, you need to go for pills.  If you want to maintain your beard well and keep it groomed, you can opt for creams and balms or shampoos and conditioners.  Also, make sure you use beard products for grooming and maintenance instead of using any regular shampoo etc.  Just understand your requirement before making the purchase to get the best results.

Look for the right ingredients

Whenever you are purchasing a beard supplement or maintenance product, make sure you buy the product which has the best ingredients.  Ingredients and the roles they play in beard growth have been mentioned above.  Try and choose the ones that don’t harm your facial hair or skin.  Also, an important thing to remember is that none of these products are magical serums and it will take time for them to work.

Check for reviews

You need to check for reviews for the product online or on the site that you are purchasing the product from.  Choose the product with the best reviews from customers and not just based on their claims.  It will help you understand better how it works with different kinds of people.  Guys have different skin types and beard styles which causes the products to react differently with each person.  You need to check for the reviews which are relevant to you and make a decision on the basis of it.

Choose a premium quality product

Always choose a premium quality product when it comes to facial hair or facial skin.  Never take any chances as taking care of the face is everyone’s top priority.  Having perfect skin and beard is what makes guys feel confident and boost their morale and if something goes wrong, it can demotivate them.  Premium quality products are made with the highest quality ingredients and well-tested not proven but tested to ensure that it provides positive results to people.  The high-quality products also make sure that there is no irritation or allergic reaction to their products and if there are chances of it, it will be clearly mentioned on the box. Products like Just for Men and other well-known products are the best ones in the market.

List of Top Beard Growth Products

      • Beard Flux XL– It is known for providing healthy facial hair growth.  It focuses on natural hair growth and is made up of completely organic ingredients.
      • Polished Gentleman Beard Oil – This beard oil is known to improve beard thickness, keep it nourished and hydrated, and make it feel and look as smooth as possible.
      • Maxx Beard – It is another top quality product that aims to increase beard density, stimulate natural hair growth, and has the essential oils and ingredients to promote it.

There are many other top products which can provide you with great results.  Using these products for the suggested period of time will benefit you a lot and really work towards improving growth, density, and make it soft. To learn more about it, check out 7 Best Beard Growth Products For Men in 2020.


1. Do beard growth oil work?

Answer: Yes, the beard growth oils work as they contain the essential vitamins which help strengthen the hair follicles and clear the pores for improving hair growth.  Beard oil from various brands is available for men to choose from.  They come in different scents that help feel refreshed and ready to go.  The beard oil also keeps the beard in shape and helps in styling it.  It makes the beard feel soft and smooth which helps in managing it easily. To know more, check out Best Beard Oil Recipe for you in 2020.

2. Hair growth pills that actually work?

Answer: There are hair growth pills that actually work and numerous brands offer it.  For people suffering from hair loss or patchy beard, they act as a lifesaver.  They come in both medically made and organically made forms.  Guys can rely on it completely to get positive results as it contains all the essential vitamins required to improve hair growth.  Rogaine beard products are some of the best for hair loss and thin hair problems.

3. What does a beard growth kit include?

Answer: Beard growth kit can include various different products.  Most of the beard growth kits include derma roller which keeps clear skin pores that help absorb the oil and improves blood circulation, top quality oil for beard, and a face wash.  The whole kit working together will help increase facial hair growth in no time.  It is one of the best solutions for boosting facial hair growth.

3. How long do Beard pills take to work?

Answer: The beard pills take some time to work and there is no precise time period for it.  It varies from person to person, but to get a general idea, it takes about 4 weeks.  No matter which company product you purchase, it is going to take some time to start showing progress.  There is no shortcut to it and patience with consistency is what is required to achieve the best results.  As you keep using the beard pills, you will start noticing signs of growth but the speed varies depending on how your body reacts to it.


If you ever had the question that whether beard growth supplements work or not, the answer is yes, they do work.  All you need to do is understand the core of the problem and opt for the solution best suitable for it.  Just like with any other part of the body, there are certain vitamins and minerals required to grow the beard.  When you choose the right ones needed for you, it will slowly begin to stimulate facial hair growth.  If you are not sure about the core of the problem, it is best to consult a professional before taking medical supplements.  You can use the organic ones without consultation as well.  Taking supplements for the right amount of time specified would show progress and that is for sure.

In this blog, we have discussed about vitamins required to grow and maintain a beard, types of beard growth supplements and things to focus on while making the purchase.  If you like the blog and would like to read more such informative blogs, you can subscribe us.  If you enjoyed reading the blog and would like to share your feedback, you can visit our contact us page to do so.

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