In 2011, 2 young rebels were brainstorming at their front porch on what the future holds for them. As the first leaf of the autumn fell from the tree, both of them had a joint enlightenment: To create an outerwear brand that balances uniqueness, practicality, and accessibility.

Although they did not have a background in fashion, it was their retail experience, creativity and passion that drove them. They had a vision, and through great efforts and perseverance, Burntlime was born.

Why Burntlime? It is actually nickname for a chemical compound that is widely used as a catalyst in creating steel and cement. The name represents the bond of our style, and the urban world.

We want to set a new standard in modern everyday outerwear, so that you can get it all: style, function, and affordability. And that, begins with Burntlime.