8 Best Stubble Beard Trimmer in 2020

by Jeel Patel

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Trimming the beard is a task that guys have to do often to maintain their look or change it.  Each beard style requires a different sort of maintenance and equipment to carry out.  Light stubble beard is one of the most popular beard styles among men and a large number of guys like to dawn it.  To maintain a perfect beard, you need to know exactly which best beard trimmer is required and how you can achieve the look.

It is not just getting a trimmer and shaving the beard the way you like, you need to have beard trimming knowledge and need to know how to get the cuts right.  Having the best stubble beard trimmer at your disposal will help you immensely.

8 Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble Beard – Quick Summary

Our ChoicePhilips OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, QP2520/21Philips One Blade
  • Technology: Rechargeable
  • Functionality: Dual-sided blade for precision
  • Add-on feature: Replaceable blades
Conair for Men Super Stubble-Waterproof Lithium Ion Stubble and TrimmerConair for Men Super Stubble
  • Technology: Rapid charging
  • Functionality: Ultra-precise adjustment of up to 0.2mm
  • Add-on feature: Waterproof
Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Trimmer, GrayConair iStubble
  • Technology: Electronically motorized adjustments
  • Functionality: Good hold and grip
  • Add-on feature: Advanced settings for custom results
Panasonic ERGB42K Men's Precision Wet/Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer, BlackPanasonic ERGB42K
  • Technology: Advanced settings
  • Functionality: Ergonomic grip
  • Add-on feature: Works on both wet and dry beard
HATTEKER Cordless 5 in 1 Mens Beard Trimmer Grooming kit Hair Trimmer Mustache Trimmer Body Groomer Trimmer for Nose/Ear/Facial WaterproofHATTEKER
  • Technology: Good battery life
  • Functionality: Adjustable options
  • Add-on feature: Steel self-sharpening blades
Philips Norelco Beard and Stubble Trimmer with 3 Attachments Cordless Hair Clipper Lightweight and USB Charging- Great for TravelPhilips Norelco
  • Technology: Quick charging
  • Functionality: Self-sharpening blades
  • Add-on feature: Impact-resistant
Wahl Vacuum Trimmer for beards, Facial Hair, Stubble, Nose Hair Trimming & Clipping - Powerful suction - by The Brand Used By professionals - model 9870-100Wahl Vacuum Trimmer
  • Technology: 90 mins run on a single charge
  • Functionality: Different cutting lengths
  • Add-on feature: Vacuum intake of hair
Remington Durablade Men's Electric Mustache and Beard Trimmer, Stubble Shave Technology, MB040Remington MB040
  • Technology: Ultra technology for stubble shave
  • Functionality: Durable life
  • Add-on feature: Waterproof

Philips One Blade

Not quite a beard trimmer, almost a shaver, the OneBlade is an electric shaver/groomer designed for men who wear facial styles and beards.  As with all Philips products, the device has been “specially designed to suit the fashionable man’s needs”.  It can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair to a precision stubble length using one among the three combs that are included.  Or, you’ll use it without a comb for a better shave.

It’s during this latter use that the OneBlade actually excels.  Although Philips says the device is aimed toward those that maintain facial hair, we think the OneBlade is going to be most appreciated by those that have long-suffered with razor-burn and ingrown hairs when using traditional shavers.  The close call achieved with the OneBlade is extremely good, and since it isn’t as close as you’d get with a wet razor blade, it means you’ll achieve a clean look with far less skin irritation if any in the least.

So although it doesn’t quite live up to the claim that its blade will work for any length of hair, for less than CDN$ 40.99, the OneBlade might just become the new regular electric shaver/groomer for those that want an irritation-free close call as it is one of the best stubble trimmers.

  • Value for money
  • Premium built and design
  • Top-class results
  • Low run time
  • High charge time
  • Not for long beard


Conair for Men Super Stubble

The Conair Man Super Stubble Trimmer is universally considered the best stubble trimmers for men. It has been mentioned in various rankings of the best beard products, and as you’ll expect, it had been our stubble trimmer of choice. It’s not hard to ascertain why, because it blows most of its competition out of the water through its versatility and unique design by allowing people to get the best trimmer beard.

While other brands try to create a multi-grooming or multi-option trimmer which provides all in one solution to the consumers, Conair is focused on one product with the best results.  When the brands decide to go for all in one, it ends up being an imperfect product.

They are focused solely on one goal which is creating a product that helps men get the perfect stubble beard, and that they did it well. With the industry-leading length settings from 0.4mm, all the thanks to 5.0mm in twenty-four increments, this trimmer gives you the closest stubble available, and the other sort of short beard; be it stubble or other heavy beard styles.

You can easily use the buttons and LED-display to adjust according to your required stubble length and the trimmer adjusts itself automatically.  There’s even a memory function that permits you to power off the trimmer while it still remains at your favourite stubble length.

What truly differentiates the Conair i-Stubble and Super Stubble from the competition is that the flexible contouring blade housing, which uses the patented “FlexBlade technology”.

The contouring head mechanism allows you to softly move the trimmer along your face without pressure and it’ll always be perfectly aligned to your skin, supplying you with the smoothest cutting experience you’re looking for. The Conair MEN Super Stubble Trimmer is claimed to be 100% waterproof and even usable within the shower, and it comes with a bulked Li-ion battery that provides out a powerful 70-minute runtime for every full charge.

Conair changed the industry seven years ago as they released the i-Stubble trimmer, and this updated version of it just ensure their place among the best stubble trimmer on the market.

  • Sharp and safe blades
  • Flexible head
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Results vary when used on wet beard


Conair iStubble

If you’re trying to find a trimmer that will handle keeping your sideburns, mustache, and beard looking great, then you’ll have to pass this model by.  The trimmer lacks versatility compared to other stubble trimmers at this price range.  However, the very fact that it focuses on different stubble lengths is going to be an enormous plus for a few buyers.

This is a reasonably priced powerful trimmer that does exactly what the manufacturer claims it can and that’s to assist you in taking care of or creating the right stubble length, because of its impressively low setting of just 0.4 mm. The trimmer’s large LCD screen will allow you to look at the run time and therefore the trimmer’s setting can be managed easily.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a beard trimmer, this is often considered a stubble trimmer.  Many beard wearers will purchase this model thinking that it can choose a beard shape for a round face or to trim a beard, but this trimmer is meant for stubble beard only.

Another issue we saw was how limiting the length range is.  The trimmer’s maximum length settings is only five mm, which may be a little low for what anyone would classify as stubble.  We would’ve liked to use a trimmer that offered a minimum of a 15 mm max length. It is surely in the list of the best beard trimmers.

  • Stubble specialist
  • Adjustable length settings
  • Wet and dry shave
  • Not for long beards


Panasonic ERGB42K

The model ER-GB42 from the brand Panasonic is one among the expensive beard trimmers in our list, but the features and performance make the price seem totally worth it.  Get your lovable stubble style with no hassle in the easiest way possible by adding this beard trimmer in your grooming kit.

There are over twenty cutting length settings starting from 0.5 mm to 10 mm, offering you the maximum control over personal styling.  The comb attachment also helps in lifting the flattened beard hairs for smooth and effortless trimming.

Featuring acute 45-degree titanium blades, it allows the more precise trimming even to the hard to trim in areas and deal with the thickest hairs.  The exceptional design of the blades also ensures that there is no skin irritation.

The best feature of this trimmer is that it’s 100% waterproof and water-resistant, and can be used on both wet and dry usage as per your convenience.  This feature also makes the cleaning and maintenance of the trimmer very easy.

When charged fully, the stubble trimmer offers a 50 minute usage period for the foremost precise and uninterrupted trim with precision settings. Overall, it can still be considered the best stubble trimmers available to get perfect beard hair and day stubble.

  • Premium design
  • Adjustable lengths
  • 100% waterproof and water-resistant
  • A bit on the expensive side



The all-in-one Trimmer Kit from Hatteker is one of the best budget beard trimmer options available in the market for you to purchase.

Behind its low price is a powerful array of useful functions.  This reasonably priced beard trimmer comes with a variety of different blade attachments; beard attachment, hair attachment, precision detailer, ear & nose attachment, and a body groomer.  Not to mention that the clipper kit comes with 5 adjustable guard combs.

The Hatteker hair clippers are also equipped with a digital screen display which shows how much of the lithium-ion battery’s 60-minute charge is left.  The unit can be charged via USB and as a pleasing surprise, the beard trimmer is waterproof.

Of course, this thing isn’t perfect, and like many cheap budget beard trimmers, it’ll wear out much faster than a number of the larger brands’ flagship models showcased above.

The Hatteker stubble trimmer is manufactured in China.  It has a delicate clamping mechanism for changing the attachment heads or the very fact that the electrical blade motor isn’t powerful enough to chop thicker and longer beards make it debatable to purchase.

All-in-all, it is still one of the top beard stubble trimmer available in the market offering multiple options at a reasonable price and it seems to function exceptionally well.

For an all-around trimmer that works for hair, beard, ears, nose, mustache, and body grooming (and are often utilized in the shower) you’re unlikely to seek out anything better at this price. You can surely argue that it is in the list of best beard trimmers.

  • Reasonable price
  • Various length settings
  • Waterproof
  • Quality issues
  • Fragile
  • Not the most powerful product


Philips Norelco

Philips is one of the largest players within the beard trimmer and electric stubble razor industry.

One of their biggest releases has been the coveted Philips Norelco beard trimmer series, which has succeeded like all the products in the series as they are amazing for beard and stubble.

It’s quite hard to pinpoint the precise label for this grooming tool, as it’s part trimmer for brief beards, part stubble trimmer, and part shaver.  Calling it a “hybrid” could be the simplest way to put it, and this is often how Philips themselves label their product.

The product works best as a stubble trimmer, and that’s due to its adjustable guard comb that goes all the way from 0.4mm stubble into 10mm long stubble in 14 increments. This allows you to trim and shape just about any length of stubble and short beard necessary from 5 o’clock shadow to designer style to short stubble, medium stubble, or long stubble.

Philips also markets this trimmer as “close but not too close” shave.  So when you use it without the guard, you’ll expect some scruff left on your face. The other versions of the series have made an enormous jump in battery quality compared to its predecessor.

The original version had a weak Ni-MH battery with a 45-minute trim time and 8-hour charge time, whereas this pro version comes with a Li-ion battery that has 90-minute trim time on just 1-hour charge time. The best thing about it is that this electric stubble shaver works at 200x per second, it oscillates (back and forth) moving cutting blades can deal with thickest and coarsest facial hair effortlessly. All these qualities make it rank among the best beard trimmers available.

  • Lightweight product with good grip
  • Various adjustments level for perfect stubble
  • 200x speed
  • Compulsory to use the guard
  • Fragile


Wahl Vacuum Trimmer

This Wahl beard trimmer is probably a great buy for getting professional trimming results.  Simple, quick, and hassle-free trimming in the comfort of home or on the go is now possible due to this quality trimmer.  Even at such a price range, it’s an excellent deal as you get quality, performance, and versatility in a single product.

It comes with an exquisite design that appears appealing.  Also, it has an ergonomic, anti-slip, lightweight design that offers the foremost comfortable holding feel while using it. This trimmer combines the functionality of 4 devices in one through its unique interchangeable blades.  The fact that you can trim your sideburns and get straightforward edging round the beard and neckline by using its trimmer blade is amazing.

The T-shaped wider clipper blade allows you to get an excellent outline and fade for short haircuts.  Its dual shaver blade attachment is a good way to achieve a smooth and precise shave.  It also comes with a precision detailing blade that’s very nice to trim sensitive facial areas like ear, nose, and eyebrows.

What makes the trimmer more powerful is it’s Lithium-ion battery that enables the trimmer to charge faster.  It features a fast one minute charge which will last for 3 minutes to get quick touch-ups.  It even gets fully charged in just one and a half hours which allows you to use it for three hours. This beard trimmer is exceptionally easy to wash and maintain.  It includes everything you would desire in an ideal trimming session from the best stubble trimmers and it can be carried in a travel pouch wherever you go.

  • Premium design for a good trimmer
  • Top-class performance
  • Great battery life
  • No battery indicator
  • Fixed lengths for attachments


Remington MB040

If you’re looking to scale back the mess left behind by the beard cut, you’ll want to choose Remington’s beard trimmer, which collects all the clippings while you employ it.  The chamber can then be removed and therefore the contents dumped into a bin. Remington claims that their beard clippers power is roughly 2x more powerful than that of their competitors, but such details tend to be only important to the brands battling against one another, not such a lot to the customer.

This “4-in-1” trimmer comes with the traditional beard clipper blades, a close-skin foil shaver head attachment, an attachment piece for ear & nose hairs, and a smaller detailing piece. When it involves trimmer length adjustability, the Remington beard and stubble trimmer comes with a bigger adjustable guard comb with 9 different length settings and also 4 fixed-length guards for shorter beards and stubble.

The trimmer and attachments are often used with or without an influence cord to trim your beard, and therefore the Li-ion battery features a trim time of 1-hour which falls right into the typical time within the beard clipper industry. Although the manufacturer boasts that this specific vacuum beard clipper model has a 3x longer battery lifespan than the typical standard beard trimmer battery would last, I find that somewhat hard to believe, especially since many of us who purchased this trimmer have complained about its subpar battery performance.

Some users also report that the stubble trimmer sometimes pulls the beard hairs mid-cut and therefore the blade motor seems to struggle to stay up sometimes. I guess it’s safe to assume that when utilized in cordless mode, the battery might not be sufficient enough to power both the vacuum and therefore the blade motor if the user has long and coarse facial hair. But still, it is a great product and can be considered among the best beard trimmers.

  • Solid built quality
  • Precision finish for best stubble
  • 4 in 1 attachment
  • Not for long beard


Understanding the Difference Between Trimmer, Shaver, Clipper, and Epilator

First, let us understand what trimmers are.  Trimmer are devices that “trim” your hair.  Trimmers have 2 or more sliding blades that are used to trim your beard.  When your hair gets through the blades, it gets cut to the level you set on the attachment.

Most of them are small and have a little cutting width thanks to the tiny width and size.  Trimmers are precise in cutting hair that’s why they are preferred to style facial hair, as they will be utilized in multiple ways.  But, they aren’t limited to only cutting facial hair.  There are numerous types of trimmers designed for a bunch of uses.


Types Of Trimmers

Different textures of hair require various types of trimming blades to be effective.  That’s why a trimmer designed for the face cannot and will not be used on the other parts of the body.  The trimmers are used for various purposes and complete body grooming as well.

Types of trimmers that you simply should realize.

1.  Hair Trimmers

Hair trimmers are General-purpose trimmers that will be used in many parts of the body for grooming needs.  However, it’s not recommended to use them.  The skin and the hair texture is vastly different on the various parts of the body, and employing a trimmer designed for one skin and hair type are often damaging to other parts of your body.  Hair trimmer is made specifically hair and stray hairs just like the beard and body hair trimmer.

2.  Beard Trimmers

As the name says, beard trimmers are made specifically for trimming your beard.  Whether you maintain a pleasant thick beard, a stubble, or a Viking beard, a beard trimmer is something that is necessary.

Beard trimmers themselves are of varying types as some got to be powered in, some can operate on a battery, some are super precise, and some are average.  Since there are many sorts of trimmer available, choosing the proper trimmer becomes tricky which is why we have written this article for you to compare.  You’ll understand and compare the various features of beard trimmers.

3. Ear And Nose Trimmers

The skin inside the nostrils is really sensitive and so is the skin on our ears which requires specialty trimmers, namely an ear and nose hair trimmer to trim the hair in those areas.

4. Bikini Trimmer

Bikini trimmers are trimmers designed for sensitive areas just like the groin and underarms.  These are marketed largely to women, hence the name, bikini trimmers.  Many ladies find it better to use body hair removal creams in these regions, but using trimmers is far safer because it prevents any allergies.

5. Shaver

Shaver’s are devices that shave the face.  Unlike stubble trimmer, shavers take 100% hair off the face.  Since shavers get you a clean look, the blades need to get in contact with your skin directly.  Over time, this will cause skin hardening, and a few people also feel skin irritation once they first start using electric shavers.

Shaver’s are of various types.  They can be classified as rotary shavers or foil shavers.  Each of those types is often classified as wet shavers or dry shavers.  As the name suggests, wet shavers are often used wet, i.e., with shaving soap or foam while Dry shavers have to be used dry.

Dry shavers are often hard on the skin and people try to avoid it.  So, if you’re planning to buy a shaver for temporary use, we recommend that you opt for a wet shaver rather than a dry shaver. If you’ve got trouble choosing a shaver, you can check out the content below for understanding better.


Groomers are almost like hair clippers, but they’re specifically designed to chop hair on the body.  For men, groomers are often used on the chest, abdomen, armpits, or the groin area.  Groomers usually have non-adjustable heads and use a single head to trim the hair.  Many groomers also come with length settings, which can assist you in maintaining beard length and hair length on your body if you desire.


Clippers are almost like trimmers, but they’re designed to chop large chunks of hair quickly.  These would be employed by hairdressers when they are cutting long hair for a customer.  These hair clippers can also be employed by people that maintain very short hair and prefer to cut it themselves. They are widely known as hair clipper which help cut the hair at different lengths as its important to get the perfect finish and detail work done.

8.Pet Clippers

There are companies that make trimmers/clippers specifically for pet hair.  Since their hair is extremely different in texture and volume than human hair, it’s important that you simply use a clipper designed specifically for them.


Epilators are devices that are made for ladies that don’t cut the hair but uproot the hair directly from the skin.  Their surface is formed of small tweezers, which uproot the hair and leave hair-free skin.

Since epilators directly uproot the hair, there’s a point of pain involved.  Most companies would advise employing a soothing lotion to scale back the pain.  Epilators are an alternative to waxing, which is an old and popular method of removing hair from the skin.

The results from epilators are impressive.  The skin becomes smooth, and there’s little or no sign of hair after use.  The hair growth is additionally slowed down when using epilators.

Difference Between Trimmer And Shaver

Some people might still not understand what the difference between a trimmer and shaver is since both have similar jobs which are to trim or shave the hair on the face most of the time. To explain the difference simply, trimmers assist you to cut or maintain a beard while a shaver will help only get a clean shave.

So if you wish to keep a 3-day beard or sort of a 1 mm beard on you most of the time, then you’d buy best stubble trimmer. But if you’re a person who always keeps a clean shave, then you’d buy a shaver.

Multi Groom Kits

Since most men and ladies need a mixture of trimmers, shavers, and groomers, some companies create another category of grooming and private care products called Multi-Groom Kits.

These are electrical products with a single motor, but with multiple changeable heads.  Each head provides different functionality, and therefore, fulfills a special purpose. The benefits of multi-groom kits are obvious.  They cost less, are easy to hold, and you’ve got to manage only a single device rather than multiple devices.  The downside is that they aren’t usually great in the least the functionalities that they provide.  consider it as a choice between a specialist vs. a jack of all trades.  The specialist is great at one thing, but the generalist is suitable at many.

How to Choose the Right Trimmer for You?

Whatever be your beard style, bushy or short, managing a beard becomes easier once you have the right trimmer in hand, but there are a couple of things that you know before purchasing a beard trimmer for you or at least take in consideration.

how to choose

1.  Length of your beard

Understand the length of the beard.  Make sure you know exactly how long you want your beard to be.  There are various attachments available and settings available in trimmers that too in mm sizes which helps you get the precise results.  If you don’t have an idea about it, you should watch some tutorials or check the settings that your barber uses on you before you decide to purchase the product as most products have different settings.  If you purchase any trimmer, you won’t get the desired result.

2.  Corded or Cordless

Markets are flooded with beard trimmers of both corded and cordless varieties.  Counting on your preference, you’ll pick either the one that runs on electricity or those which run on battery power.  Cordless trimmers for men are especially popular due to their flexibility and ease of use during travels. Cordless trimmers are the ones that offer you a singular hassle-free trimming experience.

3.  Battery Life

With cordless trimmers being a well-liked choice due to its ease-of-use, it becomes important to make sure that the trimmer lasts long enough for your use.  The charging time of the trimmers also varies among various brands.  Some last 30 mins while others can last for up to 1 hour and 30 mins.  It is not the only thing to take into consideration as you need to check the charging time it takes as well.  Some of the trimmers provide quick charge options for touch up as well.

4.  Know Your Purpose

If you propose to use your beard trimmer on several body parts, you ought to also research a trimmer with an honest ergonomic design and a superior grip.  Using a beard trimmer as a hair trimmer is technically possible, but thanks to the sensitive nature of the region we recommend exercising extreme caution.  For stubble beard, the thing you need to focus on is settings offered.

5.  Know the Blades

The quality of blades not only determines the standard of your trimming experience but also affects the durability of the trimmer.  Stainless steel blades, self-sharpening steel blades, double sharpened blades – there are many options available to you.

Buyer’s Guide


1. Built quality

The built quality of the product needs to be on the top of the list as trimmers are not something that you are going to purchase often.  Buying a product that has a solid built and smooth grip that can help you trim easily is necessary.  After all, a trimmer can change the way you’re looking completely.  Most of the brands have premium built quality but it is best to choose the one with grips perfectly in your hand.

2. Durability

The durability of the product is something that needs to be taken into consideration as most of these products are not cheap.  You can check out the beard trimmer reviews to understand better as people share their experiences with the product.  A good trimmer can last you for years when taken care of properly.

3. Battery life

The electric shavers are not as popular as the cordless ones.  Most of the products provide decent battery life but a good product needs to provide you at least 70 minutes of battery on a single charge.  Some products provide even more than 70 minutes of run time and it is only fair that you get to trim at least 2-3 times on a single charge.

4. Pricing

The pricing of the trimmers and shavers varies a lot from product to product.  Making sure that the product provides quality and results that match up to its price is necessary.  Comparing products with the same features would help you understand the price differences better.


1. What is the best beard trimmer for a stubble look?

To get the best stubble beard, the trimmer needs to have a variable-length setting which can be adjusted as per our need. The need to be of good built quality and reasonable price. If a trimmer has these qualities, it can be considered the best stubble trimmer for you. When you are looking for a beard trimmer best for you, Conair iStubble would be a great choice to get the job done.

2. Which beard trimmer gives the closest shave?

Any trimmer that offers a 0.2mm or 0.5 mm setting can provide you with the closest shave possible. Generally, the trimmers have a 0.5 mm setting, but the advanced and specialist ones for stubble beards have a 0.2mm setting as well.

3. What is the best beard trimmer 2020?

The trimmer that can be considered the best one for 2020 varies from person to person depending on their requirements and beard style. If you had to choose the best stubble trimmer for beard, it would be Philip’s OneBlade or Conair iStubble.

4. How do you shave for a stubble look?

First, you need to decide the length that you want the beard to be. Then, you need to adjust the settings on the trimmer and trim it. In the end, you need to take care of the edges and give it a perfect shape. This is how you get the best stubble beard.


Getting a stubble beard and maintaining it requires constant trimming.  Choosing a trimmer that is easy to use and lasts for a long time is important.  If you choose a cordless trimmer, make sure that it has long battery life.  Also, compare the products before purchasing according to your needs.  Hope our blog helped you figure out what kind of a beard trimmer you need to get the best stubble beard.

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