7 Best Disposable Razors for Daily Upkeep in 2021

Last Updated: 2021-07-25

by Jeel Patel

Grooming is an essential task and one with hair on different parts of the body should focus on maintaining it.  A disposable razor is one of the convenient and pocket-friendly solutions for shaving the hair.  Obviously, you can try hands-on tech-innovated electric razors and shavers, and add it to your grooming arsenal.  That’s completely your call.

We, as your trusted information medium, will arrange for you the best disposable razors with their true potentials.  Our research includes shaving quality, value for the product, life-span, and touch to feel criteria.

Unlike other razors, disposable razors are available everywhere – physical store or online. The physical store would only cater to buying a razor, but buying online will get you good exposure to the wealth of information.  

Not only with the list of disposable razors but the article also contains information on features, types, and for newbies – how to shave (Tutorial)?  Also, you will get to know the major differences between disposable and other razors, along with how to sharpen the razors.  So keep reading and understand it.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 2 Choices!

Quick Summary of the Best Disposable Razors

Gillette ProGlide Power Men's Razor Handle + 1 Blade RefillGillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor
  • FlexBall Technology
  • Less Skin Irritation
  • Sharp Blades
Schick Quattro Razor & Cartridges, Titanium Coated Blades, 1 Razor, 2 Cartridges , Packaging May VarySchick Quattro Men’s Titanium Disposable Razor
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Titanium Coated
  • Edging Blade
OUR CHOICEGillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor, Sensitive, 6 Razors, Mens Razors/Blades, 6 CountGillette Mach3 for Sensitive Skin
  • Quick & Close Shave
  • Zero Redness
  • PowerGlide Blade with Advanced Coating
Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor for Men with Hydrating Gel Reservoir, 3 Count (Pack of 1)Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Men with Flip Trimmer
  • Shock Absorb Technology
  • Prevents Skin Irritation
  • Ultra Glide Blades with Skin Guards
BIC Twin Select Men's Disposable Razor, 10 Count (Pack of 3)BIC Twin Select Disposable Razor
  • Easy & Irritation-free Shave
  • Sensitive skin-friendly
  • Twin Blades
Gillette Sensor2 Plus Pivoting Head Men’s Disposable Razors, 10 Count (Pack of 3)Gillette Sensor 2 Plus Disposable Razor
  • Ultragrip & Soft Handle
  • Pivoting & Flexible Head
  • Twin Comfort Chromium Coating
Bump Fighter Mens Disposable Razors, 48 CountBump Fighter
  • Bump Guard Technology
  • Prevent Skin Irritation
  • African American Men

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor- Best Disposable Razor For Men

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide is not only the best men’s disposable razor but also a tech-innovated grooming tool.  The battery-powered razor is equipped with FlexBall Technology and a precision trimmer.  The ProGlide razor comes with 5 anti-friction blades that do not tug or pull facial hair.  And the life-span of these blades depends on how thick and coarse hair it shaves and how much the skin is sensitive.

The trimmer on the back of the razor caters to trimming the hair in the tricky areas like the nose, sideburns, and areas around the ears.  You get a pleasant shave with Gillette Fusion5 lubrastrip that ensures consistent lubricant.  It makes sure that you achieve an irritation-free shave.  Also, it comes with a micro-comb for detailing and styling.   And a battery that needs to be replaced when it shows a low-battery level.

So this was the basic, let’s understand in detail:

  • FlexBall Technology

The primary and sole purpose of any razor is to reach all the areas and offer a comfortable and clean shave.  That’s what this ProGlide Fusion5 does but with a one-step forward in terms of technology.  The blades are designed in a way that it follows the contours of your face, and shaving head easily swivels and glides.

With this tech-innovated razor, you save yourself from twisting your head multiple times and easily shaves tricky areas.  Though the blades are close to the skin, you get an irritation-free shave that is a plus-point of this razor.

  • Comfortable Guard

The comfort guard is nothing but a flexible and soft material wrapping the micro fins by creating an outer edge to ensure better contact between the blade and the skin.  The razor blade head is also wrapped to remove the excess hair from the blade and offers an easy and comfortable shave.

  • Precision Trimmer & Micro comb

The Precision trimmer is a technologically advanced trimmer that comes with a rinse slot that prevents clogging, making it an easy way for the trimmer to glide over the skin.  And not to forget, the Micro comb ensures no stubble left after gliding over the area.

It is important to know that the ProGlide works manually and also with batteries.  The battery-operated ProGlide consists of a micro-pulse to prevent friction.  Also, a micro-chip to reinforce and retain the same performance even at the low battery level.

The ProGlide razor/trimmer has received a tremendous response for its innovative approach towards simplifying grooming.  What became a center of attraction are the blades that are sharp and long-lasting.  You can even expect a month-long performance, which is worth an investment.

  • Thin blades do not pull or tug hair
  • Lubrastrip with more lubricant
  • Follows contours of your face
  • Month-long performance
  • Cartridges are expensive


Schick Quattro Men’s Titanium Disposable Razor

Not only Gillette but other brands also have a loyal customer base that remains constant buyers due to the wide advantages of the brand.  One of the products from the brand’s product line that we are going to discuss is Schick Quattro.  The brand deserves to be at the top of the table and there are reasons for it.

With not-so-fancy attachments, the razor is attached with four-blades that are titanium coated and delivers sharp performance.  The aggressive blades can even cut thick and coarse facial hair.  An ideal blade for the one with thick hair and expect a close and quick shave.  You can rinse the blades under running water for maintaining the life-span of the blade.

The razor has a pivoting head and an ergonomic handle for a comfortable and smooth grip.  You don’t need to worry about the razor slipping off from the hand.  Of course, it is a little bit pricey but paying for something that gives a good return is a good investment.  This is quite superior to most other ordinary blades and is a value for money.

Schick Quattro Men’s razor includes 1 Razor and 2 Cartridges.  The cartridges are equipped with 4 Titanium coated blades and an additional Edging blade.  These blades not only focus on offering a smooth shave but are also an ideal tool for styling hair.

  • Value for money
  • Precise styling
  • Cut even thick and coarse hair
  • Clogs hair
  • Overpriced


Gillette Mach3 for Sensitive Skin- Best Disposable Straight Razor

There are ample reasons why Gillette cannot be put aside; 100 years of industry-presence, quality consistent products, and brand image and goodwill.  Gillette stands on its slogan that says, the best a man can get.  And one of the products from the Gillette product line is Gillette Mach3.  It is equipped with triple blades that meet the expectations of providing a close and comfortable shave.

And not only comfortable shave but it’s Diamond-Like Cutting (DLC) coating makes it sturdier and sharper that remains intact for almost up to 7-8 shaves.  You can consider that a unit can last for a week if you use it every day.  Gillette Mach3 is equipped with a patented lubrastrip that saves you from nicks, cuts, skin irritation, razor burns, and bumps.  The lubrastrip prevents skin from drying.  

The protective micro fins also deserve applause for protecting the skin by smoothening it before the blades pass-through.  The razor comes with a pivoting head that follows the contours of your face and leaves no stones unturned to deliver a close shave that you expect.  What can make you a fan of Gillette Mach3 is the crafting of the blades, the way the company has designed the blades is commendable.

They are easier to clean the clogged hair as you just need to rinse it off under the running water and it’s done.  And not only the hair but shaving cream, gel, or foam is easily removed from the blade.  Lastly, Gillette Mach3 has an ergonomically designed handle for better control.  It ensures no slipping from the hand.

  • Diamond-Like coating
  • Strong blades
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lubrastrip prevents pain & discomfort
  • Pricey
  • Some reviewers complain about razor burns and blade alignment


Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Men with Flip Trimmer

Schick Hydro 5 is one of the best products that not only does its shaving job efficiently but also hydrates the skin and eliminates irritation.  It has a hydrating gel reservoir that has a 2x longer life-span than the lubricating strips.  It consists of 7 gel pools on the top of the blades.  It includes herbal extracts, menthol, and coconut oil for comforting, energizing, and hydrating the skin.

What is most fascinating about the Schick razor is, it is equipped with five-ultra glide blades.

And adding to this, all the blades are covered with a guard that protects the skin from irritation and friction.  This tells how much a company cares about its users.  Due to its extra-protection, it is considered to be the best disposable razor for men with sensitive skin.

Now let’s know more about the razor – the head is made with a shock-absorbing technology that balances the pressure.  In a situation where you apply too much pressure, it will bounce back, and where the pressure is needed it will apply.

Apart from this, the flip trimmer is something that catches the attention.  You can activate the trimmer by flipping the thumb.  With the help of a flip trimmer, you will be able to trim off hair from those tricky areas.  This 2-in-1 five blades razor is worth adding to the grooming arsenal.  Having these many functions and features and a separate trimmer, it does not become bulky or heavy.

I’d consider this razor to be the best for men with sensitive skin as whatever efforts are put into making this product is just to prevent skin irritation.  Also, it is one of the best tools for someone looking for a cartridge razor.

  • Auto-adjusts on the skin
  • Sensitive gel formula to avoid skin irritation
  • Flip trimmer for tricky areas
  • Clogging is an issue
  • Close shaving is also an issue
  • Slightly not noticeable but bulkier


Bic Twin Select Disposable Razor

It’s a myth that lesser price products are always cheaper and paying a hefty amount means bringing home quality products.  It depends on what material a company uses and how much profit the company wants to bag out of the product.  

The BIC Twin Select razor comes as a set of 10 disposable razors with 2 blades on each head.  These sharp blades are designed to deliver comfortable and close shaves.  The blades are durable and long-lasting.  However, these blades are prone to clogging hair so you need to be very active with rinsing it.

The BIC Twin Select is famous for shaving hair on sensitive skin and a good product to add to your grooming arsenal.  The razor is attached with a long and tapered handle for better control, and a slim head crafted considering a comfortable, sensitive, and better shave.  

The size of the shaving head makes it easier for you to shave in tricky areas without any cuts and nicks.  The size is one of the reasons why anyone can excel in shaving even the newbies, as well.  By looking at the disposable razor, anyone can say that it is lightweight and compact.  And you don’t need additional space to carry it.  It fits anywhere and is a travel-friendly product.  It is also the best cheap razor that I have ever seen in my life.

  • Made for sensitive skin
  • Travel-friendly product
  • Snap-on covers for on-the-go touch-ups
  • No lubrastrip
  • Clogging issue
  • Razor burn issue


Gillette Sensor 2 Plus Disposable Razor- Best Disposable Razor For Sensitive Skin

As discussed, Gillette is a well-known brand with myriad products to choose from that are versatile and affordable.  The disposable razor stands on its commitment to deliver a comfortable shave to everyone without compromising on performance and quality.

All thanks to twin blades that are chromium coated to last long and offer value for money.  The pivoting head where the blades are fixed makes sure that the user achieves comfortable and a closer shave.  There is no refilling in Sensor2 disposable razors, just use it and replace it when it no longer delivers effective results.

As you know, the Gillette comes with a lubrastrip that gets activated when comes into contact with water.  The lubrastrip makes the shaving experience fruitful.  What adds beauty to Gillette Sensor2 is the soft handle with an ergonomic grip.  It ensures you with no slipping and control on the razor.

The pack of 3 each containing 10 disposable razors are quite budget-friendly.  The pack is a zip pack and resealable, which means you can store them at your convenience.  To your notice, Sensor2 and 3 both carry the same features, grip, and pivoting head.  What sets them apart is Sensor2 comes with twin blades while Sensor3 is equipped with three blades.

  • Water-activated lubricant strip
  • Ultragrip for better control
  • Quality multi-blade razor
  • Chances of nicks and cuts


Bump Fighter

As the name explains, this is built considering the razor bump caused due to poor shaving.  It happens when the hair strands bend and grow into the skin, it creates a razor bump or ingrown hairs.  This is mostly observed in the man with curly hair and sensitive skin. Most of the curly hair and sensitive skin combination is found in African American men.

The razor is made of bump guard technology and also acts as a conditioner to soothe the skin to avoid razor burn, bump, and ingrown hair problems.  This problem is mostly found on the ordinary razors, which are cheap and made with poor quality material.

Bump Fighter razors make sure that you get a smooth, comfortable, and irritation-free shave, while also taking care of pain and discomfort.  You see if you use this razor then your skin is unlikely prone to cuts and nicks.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to disposable razors is maintenance.  Not the cost but the cleaning process.  Like all other razors, you need to clean the blades, dispose of the hair strands and clogs, and dry it to increase the life span.  This is a drawback where Bump Fighter falls short and is not able to offer a close shave.

  • Eliminates razor bumps and ingrown hairs
  • Reduces cuts and scratches
  • Works well against sensitive skin and curly hair
  • Pack of 48 razors
  • No expectation of a close shave
  • Quite Expensive


These were the best men’s disposable razor reviews from which you can select the best razor for yourself.  Now let’s see the features to consider when buying a disposable razor.

What Features Should Disposable Razors have?

This is also known as an evaluating step where you figure out the most essential factors with the optimum potentials to deliver.  This will even help you narrow down the list and end up with a great shaving tool.

Disposable razor saves you from the hassle of pesky cords that might tangle up, and you spend your time resolving it.

best disposable razor for men

Below are must-have features to look for:

Lubrication Strip

Lubrication strip prevents you from razor burn, bump, rash, and skin irritation.  This doesn’t mean you stop using shaving cream, gel, or foam.  It gives the best result when used with shaving accessories.  It helps in easily gliding the blades on the skin without scratching or irritating.  

Some brands do not advertise the ingredients, maybe because they are using chemicals that might harm your skin.  You may experience discomfort on the skin even if you have used everything perfectly without compromising on quality.  Here, the lubrication strip may be an actual reason to ponder upon.

Pivoting Head

Pivoting head, and that too on a disposable razor, is a rare combination.  But it still stands to be a worthy investment if you find one.  Our list of the best disposable razors have pivoting heads on them.  How will it benefit?  Well, the pivoting head will match the contours of your face, giving you the best shave possible.

Very few companies build disposable razors with pivoting heads, so it becomes a tedious task to search for it.  But that’s where we are here to help you so that you don’t need to spend time searching for it


Price always remains a decisive factor when it comes to buying anything and everything.  Some products come multi-pack with low prices and a single razor that might be pricier.  Here, it depends on you and your need which one to buy.

Investing in safety razors or the straight blade could be beneficial in the long run only if they are put in use.  And maintaining it carefully could also give you surety of the long life of your razor.


Quality may be low with the low price and vice versa doesn’t necessarily mean the same all the time.  There are chances you won’t get a better shave even if you pay an extra for the tool.  Here, you should never compromise on the quality.

Always check for the blades and razors to determine the cost per piece.  With this, you will be able to figure the best disposable razor for yourself.

There’s one more thing to consider apart from the above-mentioned factors, i.e., single and multi-blade.  Keep reading to understand what it is?

What are the Types of Disposable Razors?

There are different types of disposable razors – single blade and multi-blade.  This is a measuring tool in terms of price and quality.  You will notice a considerable increase in price and quality with an increase in the number of blades.  How do single blade disposable razors differ from multi-blade razors?

types of razor blades

Single Blade

This is an inexpensive deal as it only comes with a single blade and a not-so quality blade.  But this single blade disposable razor does not harm the skin with cuts and nicks.  Also, it works well on sensitive skin too.  And not only this, but it relieves you from the pain of ingrown hair, as well.


A multi-blade razor is either equipped with three or five blades to offer a quick and smooth shave.  It makes an easy shave as the different blades serve different purposes.  The first blade tugs the strand and the second cuts it, and the remaining three blades ensure no hair is left on the skin.  

However, with the number of blades, it welcomes the number of pain and discomfort.  A closer shave than a single blade might sometimes cut the hair beneath the skin, which can cause an ingrown hair problem.  There are chances of nicks and cuts with three-five blades razor.

Tip: Always use less than three blades razor for a comfortable shave, and replace it after every five shaves.

Below is the procedure of shaving with a disposable razor.  This will be very much helpful to the newbies.  Of course, the shaving experts can also apply the method for achieving a closer and better shave.

How to Shave with Disposable Razor?

Shaving with a disposable blade razor may seem easy but when it comes to applying gel or foam and gliding the razor, the real game begins.  It all depends on how and what technique you opt for shaving, otherwise even with a good razor you could end up having a bad result.

So keep reading and get mastery in shaving:

Prepare Yourself

It is important to prepare yourself before shaving because there might be many small particles stuck on hair that can clog up, if not removed. A disposable razor blade is inferior to a safety razor blade that cannot handle too much mess.

Wash your face with lukewarm water or wrap your facial hair with a warm towel to clean the dead skin and dirt.  Why only with lukewarm water?  Because it produces heat and moisture that softens your hair and makes it easy to shave.  Also, you can use the best beard soap for removing dirt, dead skin, and excess oil.

Trim Extra Stray Hair

This is only for the ones who let their facial hair grow for weeks without trimming.  You may need to trim off excess hair strands with the best beard trimmer before shaving for achieving better results.  It is recommended to only shave with the two days growth and anything more than the time limit should pass the trimming stage, first.

Apply Shaving Cream

After trimming, when you consider that your hair is ready to shave then you should start applying shaving cream, gel, or foam of your choice. Here, you should be very careful in choosing the product as it may contain harmful chemicals or alcohol that can cause skin irritation, rashes, razor burns, and bumps.

The ideal ingredient for shaving cream, gel, or foam is glycerin. You should check the ingredient before the purchase.  Now, an important thing is how to apply shaving cream?  Well, use your finger to lather up your beard hair with the cream in such a way that it is applied on each hair strand.  Remember not to apply too much otherwise you may look like a foamy Santa.

Shave with the Grain

As the name suggests, shave with the grain for optimum results and less skin irritation.  This is an ideal way – be it disposable, straight, electric, or safety razors.  You should always shave in a direction of beard growth and not the opposite.

Rinse Your Razor

If you feel that your razor is clogged up with cream and hair, then immediately rinse it off under the running water.  Disposable razors easily get clogged up and leave pain and discomfort, if not rinsed off at regular intervals during shaving.

Re-apply all the Step, if needed

This simply means to re-start from applying cream and shaving and rinsing, if you notice that a particular part of the face is still left unshaved.  

Rinse Face with Cold Water

Once you are satisfied with the shave, rinse off your face with cold water to soothe the irritation, if caused during the shaving session.  You can pour 2-3 drops of aftershave lotion on your palm, emulsify it, and massage it on your face.

Now you are a pro at shaving your beard at home.  So, buy any one of the razors and save your every month’s bucks that you were spending at the salon.  What I suggest is you should read the below section for gaining information and understanding the difference between the disposable razor and how it separates itself from others.

What is the Major Difference Between Disposable Razor and Other Razors?

Disposable Razor

  • It comes with a lot of conveniences and less hassle.  Don’t need separate storage. 
  • Replaceable blades add convenience as you just need to remove the dull blade head and replace it with a new one.
  • Availability is the biggest win for disposable razors.
  • Easy to use unlike other safety or straight razors
  • Don’t need to break the bank.
  • Cartridges can empty your wallet, if not maintained properly or sharpen at regular intervals.
  • Rust-free blades
  • Equipped with lubrication strips for soothing and preventing skin irritation
  • No battery charging hassle, no resolving tangles.

Other Razors

  • Electric shavers require a separate storage pouch for a shaver and attachments
  • Safety and straight razor come with changeable heads with the type of customized blade you want to use
  • Other razors aren’t easily available in physical stores. You need to search and buy it online.
  • Medium to the difficult learning curve
  • Blade replacement and maintenance costs are too much
  • Dependency on batteries or power outlet for operation
  • The US planes do not allow safety and straight razor while flying
  • Pricey disposable shavers, straight razors, and electric shavers
  • No close shaving expectations

As mentioned earlier, the disposable razor can be sharpened at home.  How?  The below section will teach you with a short video.

How to Sharpen Disposable Razor?

The disposable razors are meant for use and throw however, you can increase the life-span by simply sharpening its blades.  By sharpening means, you are saving your bucks on buying it every week or fortnight.

Sharpening isn’t a difficult task, you just need a leather strop, old jeans, or stone to rub on and make it smooth and sharp.

Just place jeans or leather strop on a flat surface and start rubbing the razor down as if you are shaving your jeans.  This will make it smooth and sharp enough to cut the hair.  Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will last for a longer period of time but it can assure your 3-4 shaves depending upon hair type.


1. What is the best disposable razor on the market?

The best razor on the market is the one that fulfills your requirement of close shaving. And this list consists of the best disposable razor that you can choose from. To name a few, Gillette Mach3, Gillette Fusion5, Schick Twin Blade are few best selling razors.

2. How many shaves can I expect from a disposable razor?

The disposable razor lasts for limited shaves, i.e., 3 to 10 shaves. You can throw it off when the blade gets dull.

3. Is BIC razor good?

BIC manufactures the best razors and is comparatively superior to ordinary ones. From shaving better than the multi-blades to cleaning the BIC razor, it stands out different from others.


With this, we end the article and hope that you enjoyed it.  Also, if you have used any of the best disposable razors, you can share your experience.  We welcome suggestions and feedback from our valuable readers cum potential customers.  Connect with us by subscribing to our newsletter and get notified for more such good reads.


Published Date: Nov 30, 2020

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