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Best Beard Grooming Kit In 2020 To Satisfy All Your Needs

We are back with another blog on beard grooming accessories! This time we will give you more information on Beard Brush Canada.

There are many different things we would like to cover in this blog including, what is beard brush, beard brush vs comb, 4 Best Beard Brush 2020, and much moreBeard brushes are an important part of your morning routine, so it is important to know about it.

An educated guess would be that a beard brush and beard comb achieves the same function.  That is correct to some extent, but some differences still exist.  So, without wasting any time lets jump into beard brushes.

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What is a Beard Brush And What Does It Do?

Beard brush is a tool that is used for conditioning and cleaning beard.  It is used to treat curly beards and removing all dandruff from the beard, which will lead to reduced itchiness.  Working hard all day leaves no attention to your beard and so it has tiny dirt particles in it, but using a beard brush will remove all this dirt and make your beard easier to comb.

Starting to use a beard brush in the early stages of the beard also promotes facial hair growth.  This is because the beard brush has small bristles stuck to it, which will help you massage your beard and increase blood flow to those hair follicles.

There are many other things that a beard brush does to your beard.  One of them being, it helps spread beard oil to your beard.  Applying beard oil to deeper parts of your beard can be laborious, but when you use a beard brush then the applying process would be easy, by just rubbing the brush on the beard.  Secondly, in the early stages of beard growth, facial hairs are usually curly.  So using a brush will reduce the curly and rough texture, which will make it easy for you to shape beard.

According to some experts in the field, a beard brush is used in earlier stages of beard growth, while a beard comb is used in later stages.  The reason is, beard brush will train your hair follicles to grow in a specific direction, then you can use a beard comb to shape it to perfection.

Beard Brush vs Beard Comb

Now one might be wondering what’s the difference between these products.  As said earlier, there are many similar functions both products share, but some differences are still present.  Below we have highlighted some general differences between these products-

beard brush vs comb

      • Beard combs are used for styling while beard brushes are used to train your beard hair for styling.  Beard hair is coarse in the early stages, that is why it is important to train your facial hairs for future styling purposes.  A beard brush cannot be used for styling.
      • It is not easy to style beard using a comb if beard hairs are in every direction.  So beard brush will lead to all the facial hairs in one direction.
      • A beard brush lifts facial hair away from the skin, while a beard comb pushes hair downward
      • Experts say beard brush is used in earlier stages of beard growth, generally first two months.  While beard comb is used once beard hairs have a considerable length, usually after 2-3 months.

Both products are used for different purposes, so there is no best choice.  If you have just started to grow your beard, then it might be right to start with a beard brush.  But as said, there is no bad choice from both products.

Lastly, prices for both products are usually the same so that is not in question here.  You need to keep certain things in mind before buying a brush, which is highlighted below.

How To Use Beard Brush in 5 Steps?

It is important to know how to brush your beard because that is what it is all about.  Afterall one should know the right way to do a thing if he is gonna use it every day.

5 steps

Once every day should do the work, but if you do more than that, then there would be few consequences.  We won’t bore you by listing all the negative effects of over-brushing, here because you are smart enough to figure it out yourself.  So let’s jump into the using process.

      • Decide when to use it– It is an important consideration to decide a time that you can use beard brush every day.  Generally, people use it in the mornings after a shower, because that is when they apply all the beard grooming products.  Additionally, one can use beard oil before using a beard brush for the best results.  A quality brush will help you spread beard oil evenly through the beard.
      • Start brushing beard after applying oil, for easy flow of the brush- Start brushing the bottom part of the beard using soft bristles.  Then slowly move upwards to cheeks and the upper part of the face.
      • Go slow with knots, tangles, and other obstacles– pulling through obstacles won’t clear it.  So go slow over these parts and try to solve the knots and tangles, without pulling hair.  This step will also reduce itchiness and dandruff.
      • Make sure your beard is just moist and not wet– wet beard has a lot of loose hair, so brushing while its wet will increase the hair loss.  So just make your beard moist and not wet.
      • Clean your brush – After brushing facial hair, one can just put the brush on the side.  But it is important to clean it every 10 days or similar to remove all the waste materials that hand on synthetic bristles.  One can just dip the brush in a mixture of beard shampoo and water for 15 minutes, and then dry it.

This is just a general guideline.  You can alter one of these steps to fit your needs.  We would also love to know how you use your beard brush.  Contact us to share any advice!

Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy the best beard comb, there are certain things to keep in mind.  These are pointer which will make your buying process easy.  So here is our advice to you as a buyer-


      • Quality should match the price– This is the most common thing to keep in mind before buying a product.  Sometimes people end up paying large amounts of money for something of really less quality.  So, buy a beard brush that matches the quality.  A high-quality product does not necessarily mean it is expensive.  Similarly, a cheap product does not mean that it is bad quality.
      • The material of the beard brush– There are three materials from which the beard brush is made.  First is bamboo, which is comparatively good quality but not as good as wood.  Second is wood which is one of the best quality brushes.  The only problem is that it might not work that well with water.  Third is plastic, which is usually cheap and not as good quality as wood, but the only advantage is that they are water-resistant.
      • Bristles material– Bristles can be made of synthetic or natural material.  Bristal beard brush made of natural material can be either boar bristles or horse hair.  We like natural ones better because of the better experience it brings.  While synthetic ones are also good because of low maintenance needs.
      • Buy a brush that meets your needs– If you are looking for a comb that is stiff then boar bristles are a better option.  Accordingly, if you want any other quality or material then buy a comb that meets your needs.  Stiff bristles are better because it will make it easy for you to clean your beard.
      • Grip– Every brush has a different grip associated with it.  If you are looking for a comb with a better grip then look for one that has a grip.  There are many combs with big handles, which will make it easy for you to brush facial hair, especially long beards.

These are just some guidelines that you can use to make your buying process easy.  There are many other things to keep in mind when buying a bristle hair beard brush.

4 Best Beard Brush 2020

ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles and Pearwood Beard Brush
ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles and Pearwood Beard Brush
  • Works well with beard balms and oils
  • Comes with 100% Boar Bristles
  • Comes with a good grip made with pearwood
Check Price
Diane Original Military Beard Brush
Diane Original Military Beard Brush
  • High-quality wood
  • Made with definite bristle spacing
  • Has a unique firm texture that works well with roots
Check Price
Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush
Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush
  • 100% natural boar bristles
  • Unique design for easy usage
  • Help remove tangles and knots in beard
Check Price
Seven Potions Beard Brush
Seven Potions Beard Brush
  • Guaranteed first-cut pure boar bristles
  • Tames unruly beard
  • Also works with a wet beard
Check Price


Detailed Reviews For Best Beard Brush

This section provides you detailed reviews on the best beard brushes that we think your beard deserves.  So let’s start reviewing products one after another.

ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles and Pearwood Beard Brush

First on our list is this product by Zilberhaar, a company known for its quality and perfection.  Similar to German cars which are the best in the market, there are many other German products too which are also one of the best.  This beard brush is made from great materials manufactured in Germany.  The pearwood used is making this brush comes from German forests, making it durable.

There are many advantages of this product, but the main one is that it has premium German quality Boar Bristles and pearwood support.  This makes it easy to use and carry when you are traveling.  It is a compact size brush that one can carry anywhere in a handbag.  The handle also makes it easy for you to have a good grip while brushing.

Secondly, it helps spread oils in your beard.  The high-quality bristles help spread oils in the skin underneath the beard, making your beard softer and easy to shape.  Additionally, you do not need to worry about the firmness of the hair beard brush.  It’s firm bristles solve all the tangles and makes your beard uniform.

This brush also works with any length of beard, that is the reason it is the best beard brush for long beards.  The bristles aids in spreading beard oils or balm evenly across the board.

The pearwood makes sure that the brush also acts as a styling agent.  The only thing that might concern you as a user is that it is a little it high-priced compared to other products in the market.  But if you ever got a German product then you know that it is worth the money.

  • High-quality Boar Bristles and Pearwood
  • Works well with all beard lengths, especially long beards
  • Also helps in spreading beard oils and balms
  • A little high priced compared to other products

Diane Original Military Beard Brush

This is the second best beard brush in Canada on our list.  As the name of the brush suggests, it is a brush with great quality and toughness.  Some brushes in the market focus on the quality of bristles, but this company focusses on the high quality of wood grip and the bristles at the same time.

This brush is supported by good quality wood that prevents it from cracking or breaking.  It also gives the users a good grip to hold and use the brush.  Moving to talk about bristles, they are heavy-duty.  It helps penetrate the roots of facial hair without scratching the skin underneath.  The bristle spacing is also an important thing to consider.  This brush has a defined bristle spacing that ensures the tracking of styles.

The advanced bristle plantation technology prevents bristle loss and ensures a long life of beard brush.  It comes in a box that can be used as a storage container to prevent any damage to the grooming brush.  This brush works best with medium and coarse hair because it will remove all the knots and tangles, making beard smooth

Reviews of this product complain that it does not work that good with long beard lengths.  This is a thing you need to consider before buying this beard brush.  But this product is well priced, making it an affordable product.

  • Good price for great quality
  • Effective Bristle Spacing
  • Heavy-duty wooden grip
  • Doesn’t work that well with a longer beard lengths

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush

You might have recognized this company because, in almost every one of our blogs, this company’s products make space.  They are one of the most reputed companies for beard grooming products.  You can check them out in our different blogs.

There is a list of advantages that Rocky Mountain’s beard brush brings to the table.  Starting with the quality, this brush is made with the finest quality of boar bristles.  Bristles are softer than other brushes but that does not mean the quality is degraded.  It is very effective in removing all the knots and the snags.

Additionally, the look of this brush is an experience in itself.  The black finish defines it to be a men’s grooming product.  It works well with all beard lengths, short to long.  The 100% boar bristles make it easy for you to brush your beard and they are not like synthetic bristles that can break easily.  The beard brush is made to shape the unruly beard and bring the attention it deserves.

There are endless features that make this brush one of the best beard brushes on the market.  It also has contour edging that makes it flow easily through the beard, and make it easy for you to apply beard oil or balm.  The contour edging enables it to work well with roots and remove all the dead skin, dandruff, etc.  ultimately making beard smoother.

As said earlier there are endless advantages of buying this product.  The only thing that you might want to consider before buying this brush is that some reviewers complain that the bristles keep falling in the early stages of usage.  Additionally, it is a little bit high priced compared to other products.

  • 100% Boar hairs
  • Contour edging
  • Easy to use with no snags and irritation
  • Bristles might fall in the early stages of usage
  • A little high priced compared to other products in this category

Seven Potions Beard Brush

A brush made to serve its customers the best experience.  That is true, seven potions beard brush is one of the best available on the market and that is why it is our favorite brush too.  This brush is made with 100% first-cut boar bristles in the pearwood body.  This all proves that it is an amazing quality brush.  Now you might be wondering what does first cut mean?

The first cut means that the bristles are made of hairs that come from the animal body and not from the tips where the hairs are more sensitive and can easily be lost.  So, it just means that the brush brings the stiffness that is important to remove all the tangles and knots on facial hair.

The proper density of boar bristles makes sure that it works well with deep parts of the beard, especially roots.  Additionally, the pearwood back allows the bristle beard brush to have an amazing grip.  This grip will allow you to massage through your beard and remove all the itchiness, dandruff, etc.

This beard brush also works well with any beard length and so it is an important tool to have in your grooming kit.  Talking about the length, it is easy to carry a tool that makes your lives easier.  The company is well trusted in beard-related products because of other products like beard balm it makes are the best sellers on Amazon.

The only thing that is important to note over here is that some reviewers with long beards complain that it doesn’t work well with long beards and gets stuck when they are brushing their beards.

  • First cut boar bristles
  • Pearwood back for amazing grip and support
  • Helps remove dandruff and impurities from beard
  • Some reviewers on Amazon complain that it doesn’t work that well with longer beards



1. Do beard brushes work?

Answer: Beard Brushes is a must-have tool in your beard grooming kit.  For sure they work well with beards.  Best beard brushes help remove tangles from beard and help tame unruly beard hair.  They act as an agent to remove dandruff and itchiness from the beard.  Lastly, best beard brushes are an aid in applying beard oil and balm to deeper parts of the beard.

2.Why use a boar bristle brush on a beard?

Answer: Boar bristles are stiff and carry an amazing quality.  They help go into the roots of hair follicles and delivers you an amazing massage experience.  There are other bristles materials that can be used like synthetic, plastic, etc.  but they are not as good as boar bristles which act as a cleaning and massaging agent for beard and skin underneath the beard.

3. How do you use a boar bristle beard brush?

Answer: Using a boar bristle beard brush is an important skill to have.  Above in the user guide, we have highlighted a detailed guide on how to use best beard brushes efficiently.  It starts by deciding a time where you are going to use a beard brush.  It can be in the morning after a shower when your beard moist.  Then you can start using a beard brush in the bottom parts of the beard, then move upwards onto cheeks and deeper parts of the beard.


This blog helped you know more about the best beard brush Canada.  We taught you what a beard brush does, how to use it, and then a guide on how to choose best beard brushes.  Then we gave you a list of 4 best beard brushes that one can buy in 2020.  If you have any questions then please contact us and we would love to hear from you.



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