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FINEZZA- Au Nom De L’Homme

As one of the best emerging made-to- measure brands in Canada, Finezza-Au Nome de l’Homme has redefined the meaning of grace and sophistication within arm’s length. Through their guidance, their clients can indulge into a unique and aesthetic experience of “creating” suits and dress shirts with impeccable craftmanship.

Featured and seen in Vogue Italia, Goodlife, Nord, Sharp and Novella magazines, also in Radio Canada and Canadian Press, Finezza’s top priority is to offer clients customized tailor services in the comfort of their home. With its recent partnership with the chic La Maison Ogilvy – Cabinet Éphremère in Montreal, Finezza’s ready-to- wear and accessories collection is now available to all clientele.

For the last four years, Finezza have worked relentlessly to diversify and expand their offer. Their fabrics, imported from Scotland and Italy, enable them to create suits and shirts of incomparable quality made in Montreal, Canada and/or Paris, France. Their spectacular signature pieces can be infinitely personalized, according to personal taste, thanks to their full range of accessories. Finezza believe that it is crucial to remember that each creation is more than a simple piece of clothing, more than an ornamanet. It is creating a lifestyle and an opportunity to celebrate individuality.

Indeed,  Finezza-Au Nom de l’Homme is a dream driven by passion to pursue excellence that creates individualism because every man deserves to dress like a gentleman.

Finezza – Au nom de L’Homme

CATEGORY  :  Spring/Summer '17,