In His Shoes

Toronto is a city with many commuters. Every so often during your daily travels, you may notice what people are wearing. Next time you venture on a busy subway look at men’s footwear. Most men will tell you that they care about their hair but they will also tell you that they care about their shoes just as much.

Men’s footwear is an important part of being a stylish man. Why? Because wearing an exclusive high-quality shoe polishes your image (and they leave great first impressions too!).

This year at TOM* you will see amazing designers like Zane Barlas, Tflcouture, Kollar Clothing and Hendrixroe (amongst many more). We challenge you to take notice of the footwear you see throughout the runway shows and also on your daily commute to work. Be curious to know what it would be like to be in his shoes.

Footwear for TOM* is generously provided by Town Shoes.

By: Jessica Moore